Enterbrain: Best Selling PS3 Games In Japan So Far

"Weekly Famitsu had a short feature celebrating PS3's 2nd anniversary (they put it as "PS3's 730 days in Japan") in issue 12/12 detailing the console's journey so far in Japan.

Besides looking back at some of the major events during the two years, the mag also asked some industry experts on their view about PS3's future. Some of them think Ad-Hoc Party, the new service that allows PSP games with local communication play functionality to be able to go online, will spurs PS3 sales. Others hope 45nm Chips can be introduced faster so we can have slimmer PS3.

As always, some sales data were shared. According to Enterbrain's data, 2,469,448 units of Sony's struggling console have been sold as at Nov 16 and below are the five best selling software on the system since its launch (also as at Nov 16)."

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Dlacy13g3600d ago

Not sure why but I thought the PS3 software would have been doing much better in Japan. I understand the base isn't huge but to see most of the best sellers only in that 300k region (except MGS4) is pretty shocking.

shqype3600d ago

Not many people have adopted the PS3 in Japan yet, especially since that market is reluctant to buy into the next-gen HD experience. They simply aren't turned on by graphics like the western world is. Also, since there has largely been a dearth of [J]RPGs for the PS3 up until now, the main genre that drives the Japanese has not been available to lure them into the purchase of a PS3.

By the end of the year, and especially in 2009 when new RPGs are released, we should see a dramatic increase in general adoption of the PS3 by Japan.

Homicide3600d ago

They're still waiting for JRPGs, and the PS3 doesn't really have them. It'll be interesting to see what WKC will do.

bunbun7773600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

1 Metal Gear Solid 4: Konami Jun 12,2008 671,706
2 Minna no Golf 5 SCEJ Jul 26, 2007 408,175
3 Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Koei Nov 11, 2007 371,443
4 Gundam Musou Namco Bandai Mar 1, 2007 317,580
5 World Soccer Winning Konami Nov 22, 2007 316,533

So with over 2 million sold, that seems a bit off. Where was Africa(game) I wonder? 80,000?

shqype3600d ago

I would guess that Africa was somewhere around 150,000 units ... but I don't know for sure. It would be interesting to see official numbers.

One would hope that the software was doing better, but we won't see the kind of numbers we expect from Japan until they receive a few significant [J]RPGs.

buy a ps33600d ago

justice is served this game is incredible if you really pay attention to the detail it's almost unreal like the first time you have sex.

TheColbertinator3600d ago

Where is Yakuza Kenzan? I thought it would have sold a million by now.

Dark General3600d ago

Not bad almost 700,000 copies sold in Japan for MGS4.

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