What’s with the lack of game content, Nintendo?

Nintendo has released multiple first-party games that are lacking in content this generation. Let's speculate on why this is happening.

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FallenAngel198482d ago

On top of that, Nintendo has released less first party games in general on Switch than they did during the 3DS & Wii U eras

Having less games put out and the ones that are put out having less content than is expected is atrocious. If you’re going to release less titles, you’d better make sure each of them are very feature rich right out the gate. None of that “we’ll patch it in later” crap that’s infected many of their titles

Fntastic82d ago

And now that devs don't have to make games for 2 separate machines, you'd expect more games & more content at the same time. Nintendo are really milking it.

Neonridr82d ago

all of the big three have released less games the past 2 years due to what is going on.

Levii_9281d ago

No, Sony has released lot’s of exclusives since the start of 2020.

Neonridr81d ago

@Levii_92 - and there are some that have been pushed.

septemberindecember81d ago


Nintendo has published more content than Sony so far this year.

Levii_9280d ago

Okay well i don't know what are you two smoking .. do i really need to stoop down to that level of naming every exclusive and compare it to Nintendo like a some kid ? Do your research.

@septemberindecember Ninty hasn't released squat this year or last year as far as i'm concerned. The only game i bought in 2020 and was remotely interested in for switch was 3d all stars and that was very disappointing how it turned out.

septemberindecember79d ago


Okay, but it isn't about what you are personally interested in. They've released more games period. Are we talking about releases or our personal taste in games? Because I don't care what your taste in games is.

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Rimeskeem82d ago

Why release games with content when you can just release half-assed games and make people pay full price for 1 to 3-year-old games?

DefaultComment80d ago

Oh you mena like Sony is doing with their corss gen games right?

Atticus_finch80d ago

Sony isnt doing that though. Are you mad about all the quality and quantity Sony are releasing?

DefaultComment80d ago

Then please tell me by all means what has sony released this year and not counting 3rd party since it's basically those count as multiplatform.

Rimeskeem80d ago

GoW is currently $20 MSRP. It won GOTY 2018. BotW is currently $60 MSRP. It won GOTY in 2017.

You are telling me that the GOTY that came out earlier is worth 3 times more?

DefaultComment80d ago

It's their policy, I dont work at Nintendo nor I make the rules, if they care so much for their products to hardly reduce prices of their own games that's up to them. I get your point and I share it about Nintendo not lowering their prices sucks but that's on Nintendo's phylosophy. But don't say they make half ass games cause they really don't. The do invest some time and work to make it an updated version. Skyward sword is a testament to that.

Rimeskeem80d ago

So like Shadow of the Colossus, Demon's Souls, MediEvil, and FF7?

I honestly don't understand your argument, it seems like you are fine with Nintendo doing it but as soon as Sony does anything similar it is the devil.

DefaultComment79d ago

I don't agree with them on not lowering their prices over time but that's their way to do things so nothing we can do about it since it's their choice in the end.
What im argueing with ya is that fact that you and I quote:
"Why release games with content when you can just release half-assed games and make people pay full price for 1 to 3-year-old games?" which is not true and you know it or you just refuse to acknowledge it.
Nintendo has been getting games this year out and here is to name a few, new wario game this october, new metroid games, No more Heroes 3, Super Mario Golf, a new Super mario Party, Skyward Sword HD. and so on. Yet you claim that Nintendo does not produce content...see how that previous statement from you is plain BS?

TheEspiownage81d ago

Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting additional free content to extend shelf life. It’s probably not the best example for first party Switch games.

Eviltattoo 81d ago

AND the prices rarely drop below $60

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