Microsoft Flight Simulator Runs Smoothly on Xbox Due to Optimization

The Xbox version is now running smoothly ahead of its release date.

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iplay1up261d ago

I have Series X, but Microsoft is going to use Xcloud to get this up and running on last gen too. I am curious to see how they do it, and what the performance and visuals will be like.

If that is the case what benefits will Xcloud have for the newer hardware? I am only a little tech savvy, and have very little knowledge, on how exactly that works exactly other than you are streaming some assets of coarse.

Amplitude61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Basically, on series S/X it's gonna be running natively on the hardware. The map data is still streamed but just ignore that lol. You can kinda predict what kind of performance you're gonna get out of that based off what we've seen this gen already.

Then on the original XB1 it's just streaming the Series X version (like PS Now streaming a PS3 game)- so the same performance and resolution, but with the negatives associated with streaming such as macroblocking, crushed blacks, input lag, stutters, etc

Sayai jin61d ago

Thenold gen haedware will be streaming on azure xbox servers, which in short, are now Series X consoles.

JackBNimble61d ago

Flight simulator uses the cloud for real time weather and air traffic.
I believe it is also going to be streamed on xbox one to run the game.

jukins61d ago

So 2 planes at lax is real time?

neutralgamer199261d ago

I have a Xbox one x hopefully it's playable on it

crazyh0rse61d ago

it's only for the Series X|S

BrainSyphoned61d ago

For now. They announced plans last month for X1 to cloud stream X|S titles specifically name dropping Flight Simulator.

iplay1up261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

No it isn't. It will run via Xcloud on last gen Xbox consoles. Already confirmed. The Sim shouldn't, but it will. Not only Flight Simulator, but other upcoming Series Xbox games too. I think that is FANTASTIC! I have a Series X, but Microsoft taking the time to make sure current gen games run on last gen IS UNMATCHED by any console maker.

DJStotty61d ago

For launch, base xbox one and xbox one X in a few months via xcloud.

Bender650261d ago

MS had hinted they want to try and get this running on last gen Xbox via the cloud - Don't hold your breath. I'm more interested in the Steam deck version :) Hehe.

iplay1up261d ago

It will be. Just not yet.

DJStotty61d ago


"I have a Xbox one x hopefully it's playable on it"

Not at launch, but in a few months it will be via Xcloud buddy.

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WeAreLegion61d ago

I hope so. It's not just pretty. It's a good time. Great for relaxing. You know...once you figure out how to land.

NeoGamer23261d ago

Ya I found the headline a bit funny.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator Runs Smoothly on Xbox Due to Optimization"...

No duh.... Usually games will run smooth due to optimization. LOL.

shauzy61d ago

if it is 30fps, it is not smooth, to hell with 30fps when will it fucking die

Jin_Sakai61d ago

Almost every big game has a 60fps option this generation. I’ll always opt for higher framerate.

Tacoboto61d ago

30fps with unlocked framerate on VRR.

Show me any PC that runs this game at a locked 60fps

--Onilink--61d ago

The vast majority of VRR ranged go from 40-120hz or 48-120hz. So 30fps unlocked is not going to benefit from VRR unless its consistently above 40fps

--Onilink--61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Which TV do you know has a range that starts at 30? They are just saying that its unlocked, my point still stands, unless its consistently above 40fps, VRR wont do anything because thats where the range starts on the TVs

Tacoboto61d ago

You totally know more about the performance of the game and its capability in hitting VRR frame rates than the developers that spent the effort implementing it.

--Onilink--61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Im literally stating facts about the ranges on the TELEVISIONS… never have I stated anything of the games performance because its not out yet so we dont know

So once again, IF the game is consistently above 40fps in its unlocked mode, then yes VRR will kick in and do its job.
IF its not consistently above 40fps, then everytime it isnt, you will notice stutter and/or screen tearing.

Its as simple as that, VRR isnt some magic cure for unlocked framerates, the game still needs to consistently (ideally ALWAYS) not drop below the VRR range of the display, otherwise the feature loses its purpose the more it happens

Whether the game is able to do it, we shall see in a few days when its out. I was already expecting to only be able to play it at 30fps, so if it can actually do 40+ then all the better since I have a B9 and know VRR is a killer feature

StoneyYoshi61d ago

Sim Update 5 compared to Sim Update 4 shows 60fps vs 30-40fps. Might not be locked but its damn close!
And it's not even on the best rig you can have. this is shown on a i7 9700k and a 2060 super

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TheColbertinator61d ago

MFS is an intense demanding game. 30 FPS on S for sure. As for X I don't know but anything is possible.

Aussiesummer61d ago

30 fps is what's possible. That's it.

DJStotty61d ago

Series X is 4K @ 30fps (unlocked using VRR 30fps+)

DJStotty61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Like it, or don't like it, the Series X version runs at 4K @ 30fps, and with monitors that support VRR, will run at 4K @ 30fps+.

Here's a source

And i quote :-

"On the Series X, Flight Simulator runs at 4K resolution and targets 30 frames per second."


Quote : "In a Twitter response spotted by Eurogamer, Microsoft confirmed the Series X and S would target a base 30 frames per second. However, if you happen to own a relatively recent TV set that features an HDMI 2.1 connection and support for a variable refresh rate, the game will go above 30 fps."

Oh, and also the devs themselves confirming 30+ fps when using VRR!!!


ajax1761d ago

i mean, it's not like it's a twitch shooter, or something

iplay1up261d ago

Flight Simulator is the most advanced Sim ever created! Real time everything! If it runs at 30fps, so be it. It is absolutely STUNNING on Series X!

Haters gonna hate.

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Destiny108061d ago

they optimized it for 30fps

is this a joke

Rylo_Ken61d ago

It’s not. And on your precious PS5 it runs at 0fps

Orchard61d ago

Have you played MSFS before? It's a miracle this thing even runs on console.

DJStotty61d ago

I remember playing it when it had a max of about 6 colours or something like that lol

Graphics were stellar at the time lol

DJStotty61d ago

Good looking joke if it is.....

rakentaja61d ago

Appreciate their efforts and the scope of the game. This game would not work on the PS5 at all because their servers are as they are ....

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