We Played Over 10 Hours of Aliens Fireteam Elite; Here’s Everything We Learned

MP1st has played 10 hours of Aliens Fireteam Elite, and here's everything they learned about the game.

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TheSinsibleOne60d ago

This actually sounds pretty good! I like what I'm reading.

excaliburps60d ago

Yep. It looks better. I thought it would be janky but most previews have been very positive so far.

ToddlerBrain60d ago

I was kinda skeptical at first given the Alien game track record and, I have to say, am pleasantly surprised at what has been coming out. L4D is a great influence for this type of game.

camel_toad60d ago

It's just too bad it doesn't take even more influence from L4D and have a pvp mode where the enemy team is made up of aliens. There's been some good mp avp games in the past buy none have ever totally nailed it.

Ninver60d ago

Future dlc update maybe?

Rambokind60d ago

So that we wouldn't have to?

autobotdan60d ago

Always gotta make the aliens the bad guys.. The humans are the real villians. Why can't we play as Alien xenomorphs ripping apart those pesky humans to pieces

staticall60d ago

You can play as alien (and predator too) in quite a few Alien vs Predator games and they're actually fun
But, sadly, usually you can't get to the real villans (the one pulling the strings and trying to use aliens for their personal gain)

autobotdan60d ago

The Xenomorph aliens in all the universe have never faced a real challenge..the Ghostbusters. Egon Spengler vs the alien queen

DaveZero60d ago

Then that would make you the bad guys.

I don't know how you can call Aliens the good guys, they tear everything apart and are hardly known for making love to each other lol.

Point blank Aliens are a species that kill and while us humans are similar we do have a loving side unlike Aliens.

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