Returnal Is A "Mega-Hit" In Sony's Eyes

Returnal is a "mega-hit" in the eyes of Sony, according to the newly updated PlayStation Studios page on their official website.

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SullysCigar62d ago

Good to hear. Always nice to see passion pay off. Housemarque did an amazing job and deserve all the accolades they receive for Returnal.

badz14962d ago

but according to some Nintendo fanboys, Returnal is nothing special and a low-budget generic game that is not pushing any boundaries or having things never done before and not deserving AAA status.

Imalwaysright62d ago

The only thing a game "has to do" to have AAA status is having the budget that qualifies it as so. AAA doesn't have anything to do with pushing bounderies or being/not being generic or being a good/bad game.

LegoIsAwesome62d ago

No surprise there since new games are always better in Ryan's perspective.

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Abear2162d ago

I’m on the second half of the game and it just keeps surprising with new areas and enemies, easily my goty even though I haven’t finished ratchet yet, this game is just too good.

NeoGamer23261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I quite enjoyed the time I have played Returnal (not completed at all yet - I have discovered I suck at Rogue-like games).

But to be honest Sony usually brags about sales numbers. And there is none of that here. And even in worldwide charts in the months since release Spider-man MM has continued to dominate software sales on PS5 with Returnal barely showing up for the most part.

I do feel the game is a critical success. Quite enjoy it even though I suck at it.

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SCW198262d ago

Its easily the game of the year so far and skyrocketed to one of my top 10 games of all time. Such a unique and awesome experience.

crazyaejay62d ago

Agreed 100%. Returnal is a gem floating in a sea of AAA diarrhea.

EvertonFC62d ago

Sackboy, ratchet, Res8, spidy say hello

crazyaejay62d ago

@EvertonFC those games might be good but Returnal stands out because it actually poses a challenge - something that nearly every AAA game doesn't do anymore.

EvertonFC62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Yep it's a superb game thoroughly enjoying it but I have too say I don't see many playing the daily challanges? I got 250,000 points(pants) yesterday and got into the top 100? So thats either nobody bothers with daily challanges or gamers have moved on?

Knushwood Butt62d ago

The daily challenges are dead, but the reward isn't worth the effort IMO

REDGUM62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It is a mega hit in my eyes too. I was & still am super impressed with this game.

talocaca62d ago

It is a truly wonderful game but definitely not for everyone.

I bought it and got stuck at Biome 3. I might go back to it eventually but every session requires 3-5 hours and if you die, you start over.

I understand the need for this kind of hardcore experience, but as someone who Platinumed Demons Souls, I feel this game can be a little unbalanced/unfair.

Ataraxias62d ago

It makes absolutely no sense for it to take 3 hours for you to die at biome 3. If you're clearing literally everything up to biome 3 each time that's simply not beneficial to the run.

ps360owner0962d ago


When was the last time you played it? The last major update they did a while back made Biome 3 a lot easier.

I noticed it when I went back and beat the game a second time earlier this month after learning about the "alternate/true" ending.

There seems to be fewer drones now in biome 3 and they do not appear to be as aggressive with their homing missles/shots.

specialguest62d ago

Definitely not for me without a save function since I can only afford an hr of gaming a day due to my busy life and schedule

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