Rainbow Six Siege Creative Director Doesn't Want To Make A Sequel

Don't expect a sequel installment to release for Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. The creative director confirms future updates.

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RaidenBlack65d ago

How about a single-player Rainbow Six? Like the R6 Patriots that was cancelled before R6 Siege.

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No Way64d ago

How about a Splinter Cell? Sigh..

RaidenBlack64d ago

How about non-live-serviced Ubi-anything?

eddieistheillest63d ago

This has nothing to do with Splinter Cell.

glenn197964d ago

Ubisoft are stubborn like an ass ass, listen what the gamers want!!!!! Instead of making some weird shooter xdefa... waht the fuck is that crap?

eddieistheillest63d ago

While you may be right. This guy is the creative director for R6 Siege not an Ubisoft top guy.

Mr Logic64d ago

Is he wrong though? What would be different about a Siege 2 except for charging you $60/70? I mean maybe they make it current gen only, but they could eventually segregate PS4 from PS5 players anyways and put the old version in legacy with no more updates, which would happen anyways if there was a Siege 2. What was the point of this article btw? Just to point out a single Reddit comment that anyone who cares about the game like a 'hardcore gamer' already read. I swear sometimes games media is so annoying in their genuflecting. On one hand we criticize games like FIFA and COD for charging yearly and having a bunch of mtx, but on the other we talk about how a long supported non-annualized game is not getting a sequel for no reason.

BTW I have played about 2-3 hours of Siege during a Steam or Uplay free weekend so don't take me as some die hard fan.

Inverno64d ago

One of the 2 games that have actually found success and has been supported over the years so it doesn't surprise me. It's constantly on sale so it probably brings over new players easily because of that and with the amount of content it has already it's easy to sell. Making a sequel would mean fragmenting the player base and trying to sell a 60 game that would probably be the same thing.

Rachel_Alucard64d ago

They need to improve the graphics, modeling, animations, etc across the board. Theres too many games that easily outdo siege in the presentation department, and they are way too slow to add meaningful updates that aren't just another battlepass, whale only event, and another gimmick operator. They stopped doing 2 operators per season, only do map changes that stealthily remove offensive content for a chinese release, and make obnoxious gameplay decisions that just remove parts. Honestly, a new release is the only solution because I doubt anything meaningful will get added in the next few years.

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