Evercade Announces Renovation Collection 1 - Coming Early 2022

Evercade is delighted to announce another new collection for the Evercade family of systems, and a new publisher! Renovation Collection 1 will bring twelve incredible 16-bit games from Japanese publisher Telenet and its US subsidiary Renovation.

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darthv7266d ago

There are some really solid games in this collection. Some still commanding a pretty penny like Gaires and El Viento.

Vits66d ago

Such a shame that those are basically impossible to find in my country. That pack would be awesome to collect.

Einhander197164d ago

Gaiares, Sol deace great games, certainly brilliant on the go with evercade. Have both games on original format luckily. Solfeace on Mega CD slight name change. And Gaiares on original cart.