Meet the Actor Behind Some of Your Favorite Video Game Voices

WIRED spoke with Troy Baker—who’s worked on 'Fortnite,' 'The Last of Us,' and 'BioShock Infinite,' among others—about his prolific career.

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NINJA5689562d ago

who doesnt know troy baker?

-Hermit-562d ago

Great voice actor, massively pretentious and egotistical personality.

DreadfulHero562d ago

I think he knows it, too, which also makes him... kinda likable? Because he doesn't seem like a bad person at all. I'm sure he'd be the first one to admit he's up his own ass sometimes, and he can also be a huge dork (I've seen him on enough podcasts to realize that, and watched him on his Retro Replay channel before he left after him and Nolan North had a falling out or whatever).