Ubisoft is shutting down Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad after just a year

Today's update will be the mobile game's last before the servers die in October.

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Darkborn3d ago

Lol I saw this coming. This is essentially what they are trying to do with Xdefiant. Follow a trend and just tossing Tom Clancy on it with random charactors from their games. I can't wait to see AC Infinity Flop too.

Inverno3d ago

Theey've been doing this pretty much with all their F2P games and Online games. If they don't see the cash flowing they just either shut them down or let the game die. What games besides Siege, and For Honor are actually still alive right now? And forsure AC Infinity will be shut down after a year and so will their new F2P shooter

swifty13d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Didn’t ubi just release a free to play FPS a couple months ago? Maybe im thinking about rocket arena or something . Edit: Hyperscape

ZeekQuattro3d ago

I'm sure Tencent is circling Ubisoft like a vulture at this point. They already own stock in the company. Ubisoft is blowing millions and millions of dollars on games that never seem to release or bomb when they do. A company can't survive like that. They are doing the same stupid shit the original THQ did. It's going to bite them on the ass eventually. Not to mention the daily harassment scandals that seem to keep popping up.

RosweeSon3d ago

Could they release a new South Park first and then yeah I’m fine with this 🤣

TheDevler3d ago

Next up, Xdefiant and Extraction.

Father__Merrin3d ago

Was a fun little game but it's just a copy of 100s of similar games following same structure of unlocks etc EA have a star wars one no difference jst diff characters

-Hermit-3d ago

Ubisoft, just make another Rayman game, you've become one of the most boring games companies around.

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