5 Major Game Releases Coming in August 2021

Let’s look at the best games coming out in August 2021! Big names like Hades and Godfall releasing for new platforms, and newcomers like Humankind are set to steal the show, setting next month to be one of the best for game releases. Sports fans can also be excited this month, with a world-famous franchise coming back for another year.

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NeoGamer23258d ago

Obviously these people don't own XB. I'm sure people that own an XB or multiple consoles (with XB being one of them) like myself would be more interested in Psychonauts 2 then the PS4 release of Godfall.

Actually I don't even know how you could call Godfall a major release. It rated poorly, and the developers lied about it being “tailored to run only on Sony’s new console”. Probably about 90% of games released this month will rate better then Godfall. And I expect Godfall on PS4 to be hammered even harder then Godfall was on PS5.