Netflix’s gaming expansion starts with mobile

Games will be included at no added cost with a Netflix subscription.

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lodossrage4d ago

netflix cost have been rising even before gaming.

Let's see how long they go before the cost starts ballooning

TricksterArrow4d ago

Well, it makes sense right? More licenses, servers, etc. Of course the prices are going to rise.

VenomUK4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It looks like Netflix wants to be 'the Netflix of games'!

Krog0114d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I think most movie budgets end up being on par or more than most AAA movies. So it might not be all that much of a risk, but may just come at the cost of another TV show/Movie that would have been in that budget.

That said, I'm not convinced this is going to go very well.

gamer78043d ago

Yup this is a bad move, will hurt them financially in the long run

Knightofelemia4d ago

No added cost as of yet but give it time and the subscription will jump up yet again especially with games being added.

lodossrage4d ago


I remember when netflix was 6.99. Now look at it. With the cost constantly rising. And now that the pandemic is on the tailend, I expect them to announce they'll start borrowing again as the subs start to drop. And of course, the people that stick around with pick up the tab.

darthv724d ago (Edited 4d ago )

you are thinking back to when they were disc to home only. They have different tiers of service and you can still get the disc only service but now I think it is $7.99 (9.99 for dvd & bluray). And each price level denotes different features. They have raised their rates, but not "constantly rising" like you say. And usually when they change rates is to create another tier of service. So in your example, they went from 6.99 to 7.99 for the basic disc service but at the same time added a bluray/dvd tier for $9.99. They have done the same for the streaming side as well. $1 increase but also expanded tiers for quality of content and number of tv's... etc.

When they added streaming, it started off at 7.99 (when disc was still 6.99) and over time it got an increase to 8.99 but they also created a higher tier that [was] 12.99 for hd content and two tv. That tier is now 13.99.


darthv724d ago

If it does well, they may opt to create a new tier that bundles the movies / games and then keep the existing tier for movies only. Right ow it sounds like they are just testing the waters. They cant make a new tier without knowing who all is interested. So the no extra cost is an easy way to test that.

As for the other price hikes... mine only went up $1 since joining. That really isnt huge when you consider that licensing content can be $$$ and they are also creating their own.

dumahim4d ago

Price going up is fine as long as it is treated as a separate service. Otherwise there's going to be a lot of pissed off customers if they wind up jacking up the rates to cover gaming that they'll never touch.

TheRealTedCruz4d ago

I doubt they'll force people into the gaming aspect of their service.
It will be a seperate element that you can opt into.

Darkborn3d ago

I almost think they will make some true free to play games and lock some of their games behind a premium pay wall. The free games are to entice you to sub for the other ones.

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Npugz74d ago

Netflix please don’t! Did you not see what happened with stadia!

CrimsonWing694d ago

Just what everyone wanted from Netflix.

Rebel2Khaos4d ago

There is a rumor that Sony and Netflix is teaming up…that could make things interesting to say the least.

Vengeance11384d ago

Actually its VERY likely with PS5 controller icons and Ghost of Tshushima icons appearing in the Netflix app data.

Tacoboto4d ago

And considering Sony recently formed a partnership with Netflix worth billions to exclusively stream their movies starting with their 2022 releases, more wood for the fire...

AnotherGamer4d ago

Ghost of Tsushima and a playstation logo was found on the Netflix code.

JackBNimble3d ago

Yup psnow/Netflix, Sony's answer to games pass.

To bad people don't want to stream games.

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Darkborn3d ago

I just think if there's any truth to it, it will jus the an amped up version of PSNow bundled into a new tier of Netflix.

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