PSN Store "Weekend Offer" Includes Loads of AAA Titles, Here's the Full List

Sony has also launched the PSN Store "Weekend Offer" this May 17, and this one includes a lot of AAA titles, and 2K-published games.

TwoPicklesGood36d ago

Some good games but they are all old and should be a lot cheaper than what they are on that sale. Hard pass.


NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry

The NVIDIA RTX Remix tool is redefining the gaming industry and the modding community in the best way possible.

Einhander197221h ago

"NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry"

True, the especially for all the industry that gets put out of work by it.

generic-user-name18h ago

Have you ever used a self service checkout in a store? Should we ditch alarm clocks so that we can hire people to shoot peas at our bedroom windows to wake us up like they did in the 1800s?

Einhander197218h ago

Working at a grocery store as a checkout clerk used to be a respectable job that could support a family.

romulus2318h ago

I try to avoid them at all costs, why should we do a cashiers/clerks job without any training and without being paid for it? Comparing people losing their jobs to A.I. to people from the 1800's shooting peas is hilarious, good try though.

just_looken6h ago

Gues you never saw the fast food joints that had ai everything even cooking was done by robots.


Is PlayStation Skipping Big Shows A Mistake?

Is PlayStation making a mistake by skipping Gamescom and other huge events? We weigh in

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Obscure_Observer2d ago


That´s why you getting none. Keep on giving Sony a pass while real Playstation fans are giving them a hard time demanding better.

Cacabunga2d ago

Given the competition they have why should they waste money on them?

ChasterMies2d ago

PlayStation is the number 1 selling console. Sony’s marketing strategy is working. Also consider that Microsoft is now a 3rd party publisher. They will go where the other 3rd party publishers go. I’m sure you’ll eventually see Halo in a PlayStation State of Play.

JackBNimble2d ago

Yeah, why should sony waist money on the fans who keep propping them up no matter what?
Can you imagine if MS was software only, why would sony ever do shows?

northpaws2d ago


Out of all humans I know, you are the least qualified one to tell people to stop giving a company they support a pass.

Cacabunga2d ago

xbox is advertising PS games.

repsahj2d ago

Lol, as if you guys didn't give MS an unlimited pass for a very, very long time already.

MrBeatdown2d ago

Demanding better infomercials?

shinoff21831d 23h ago

Did you have that same energy for Xbox when the droughted you guys for a decade plus? I doubt it

You are right though. Sony has got to give us some sort of gameplan, something, cause Concord, marathon, fairgames, ain't gonna cut it.

S2Killinit1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

You must have amnesia. Do you only remember the MS show and then assume that Sony must immediately respond? Why? Because MS showed a bunch of multiplatform games? Now, Sony must show too? Makes no sense.

Unlike MS, Sony has been releasing exclusive games all along. MS hasnt even released anything yet.

outsider16241d 21h ago

"Keep on giving Sony a pass.."

Guys should we tell him?


I'm sorry, you expect us to demand better what exactly? Ads? Because you realize that's what these little presentations really are, right? They are a marketing tool, they don't determine what games we get or not, they are only one way of showing 'em off... Marketing is not the product, is what you gotta do to sell the product and, on that front, do you really think Sony is the one in need of your hot take there? Do you see any other console doing better?

Also, considering gaming companies already spend as much in marketing as they do actual development as it is, not making a bigger thing of these events than they absolutely need to be sounds like good business to me. The industry is suffering job cuts left and right, development costs are through the roof and you expect these companies to spend even more on marketing which produces literally nothing tangible for us costumers in the end? Talk about being tone deaf.

mkis0071d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

What is worse is showing games that have no release dates. How many games coming out this and next year were announced 3 years or more ago?

If I had 1 console it would be playstation , the track record is unbroken and unsurpassed.

Zeref1d 5h ago


Because console sales are just as important as having games to play? Lol

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S2Killinit1d 22h ago

No because they can have their own shows. In fact, all platform holders abandoned “big shows” until recently that MS has decided to go back. Sony don’t have to follow.

But, I am expecting, and want Sony to show its hand sooner rather than later with a major showing.

porkChop1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

"In fact, all platform holders abandoned “big shows” until recently that MS has decided to go back"

No, they didn't. Sony and Nintendo, yes. Microsoft has consistently held big shows every year. Microsoft started hosting smaller Developer_Direct's but they didn't stop having big shows. They would sometimes skip a trade show here or there if they didn't have anything to show at that point, but they didn't just stop all big shows entirely.

StormSnooper1d 18h ago (Edited 1d 18h ago )

By “big show” you mean 3rd party conferences like E3, Gamescon, etc.

And yes they all abandoned them for the most part. MS was doing their own as well. Also, whether MS was present at “big shows”, they didn’t really make a splash or a big showing for the longest. All platforms sort of abandoned these expensive venues and went in-house for their conferences. Now, MS has decided to change that it seems.

Notellin1d 8h ago

N4G and the Sony fanboys out in full force today. There isn't a single decent argument down in these comments, just fanboy drivel.

purple1012d ago

Hmm well for all the talk in these forums, Sony sure does seem like they know what they’re doing