Why Splinter Cell Still Hasn't Gotten A New Game Announcement

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell series hasn't seen a mainline entry in close to a decade, and there's good reason a new game announcement may not happen soon.

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LordoftheCritics64d ago

Probably still trying to make it fit the ubiverse hub system.

TheGreatGazoo3064d ago

A disagree that Splinter Cell couldn't have seasons and annual updates. Seems pretty simple, new missions with new locations. New season bad guy plot to stop.

KingKelloggTheWH64d ago

Just have the classic MP modes in there with clothes and character creation

RavenTears64d ago

Because is not a live service game so is not that profitable in Ubisoft eyes.

Double_O_Revan64d ago

Exactly this. They haven't figured out how to make it open world, online, with micro transactions. If they could they would have by now.

Vegamyster64d ago

Blacklist was a terrific game minus the lack of Ironside but it unfortunately didn't sell the best, shame pretty much all of Ubisofts biggest sellers are those generic open world games.

ZeekQuattro64d ago

They blew all the money allotted for the next Splinter Cell entry on that Skull and Bones game and Beyond Good and Evil 2. Remember those titles? What a time to be an Ubisoft fans let me tell you. Lmao

demonseye64d ago

Ubisoft fans still exist?

Rainbowcookie64d ago

So the whiff of the Solid can dissolve and the need for a quality sneakathon to rise??

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