Tekken: DR attacks US PS3s later this month

Downloadable version of Namco Bandai's fighting game to include optimizations for 1080p, playable final boss.

Late last year, Namco Bandai Games released Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection as a downloadable PlayStation 3 game in Japan and Hong Kong. The download weighed in at 800MB, cost roughly $16 to download, and made Namco Bandai's long-running franchise the first 3D fighting game on the system, beating out the latest installment from long-time rival Sega's Virtua Fighter series.

It appears that Namco Bandai has a chance to beat Sega to the punch (and kick, and elbow strike) in North America as well. Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3 is currently set for a February 20 release, but Namco Bandai today announced that it is prepping a domestic release of Dark Resurrection for "later this month."

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JIN KAZAMA4897d ago

It needs to be ONLINE though. I dont like this whole, dload a ghost opponent crap. I want the real thing.

specialguest4896d ago

Yeah, I totally agree. It kinda pissed me off when VF5 was not going to have online VS capabilities and now Tekken 5. If Tekken 6 does this no online b/s, then I might have to smash something in anger and disappointment.

I remember when Tekken for the PSP was getting ready to be released and I replied to you with the link to the site, stating that it WAS online. hahaha I guess the site was wrong.

ApocalypseShadow4897d ago

tekken,virtua fighter ,soul calibur,any good fighter.

somesonyguy4896d ago

anything at this point! Bring on the games

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