How Microsoft's Acquisition of Double Fine Improved Psychonauts 2

As it turns out, Psychonauts 2 might have only been able to reach its fully established form thanks to Double Fine's acquisition by Microsoft.

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iplay1up269d ago

The game looks great. I saw 1 article saying it might be GOTY material. I think that is a pretty big stretch,but it looks fun.

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Thundercat7768d ago

Very far away from GOTY material.

John_McClane68d ago

You've somehow managed to get and play the game?

neutralgamer199268d ago

That's good more content better quality/polish

TheRealTedCruz68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I'm assuming money, and potentially some outside assistance from the other 1st party talent.

But mostly money.

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Imortus_san68d ago

All versions of the game benefited from MS buy including all non MS gaming plataforms, that something that would never happen if Sony or Nintendo had bought them.

Just compare this to the disgrace Shenmue 3 was, showed at Sony E3 and yet Sony did nothing to help the studio that was making the game for them.

Ausbo68d ago

I think there’s a little too much speculation in your comment. Not every partnership is equal.

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Kane2268d ago

you mean the xbox version benefited from it...cause they said hell no to a ps5 version. and they purposely left out HDR on the playstation versions as well..

TheRealTedCruz68d ago

Why would they spend the money for a PS5 version?
They honored the promises made by Double Fine prior to their acquisition, and that's more than what most companies would do in their position.

Redemption-6468d ago

They honored the promises made by Double Fine prior to their acquisition, and that's more than what most companies would do in their position

Seriously I feel like some of you people have never heard about a contract. It's literally the law. MS has no other choice but to honor the contract that existed before the acquisition. They are not doing it because they want to, they are doing it because they have to. They can twist it by saying he chooses to honor the contract, but anyone with a brain know, they are required by law to honor contracts that existed before they took over. They can either buy out the contract or renegotiate it, if not, the honor it weather they want to or not.

TheRealTedCruz68d ago


You literally have no idea what you're talking about.
Nobody signed a contract. This was purely crowdfunded prior to the acquisition.

Look at Shenmue 3.
It was launched with the promise of Steam keys. Then Epic bought timed exclusivity, and then they only were offering Epic codes.
A few people who made a stink got Steam keys.
A few were offered refunds, though even that was like pulling teeth, from what I've heard; but most were told to kick sand.

Weird how they got away with that, considering the contract that doesn't exist via most of these crowdfunding sites.

If you're going to have a strong opinion on something .... can it at least be based in fact and reality?

MS chose to still let release the in development PS4 version. There was nothing in place forcing them to do so.
They said they would honor prior obligations had by the studios they brought into the fold, and they've been holding to that.
It has nothing to do with legalities.

Redemption-6468d ago

A crowded funded game that literally and mean literally promised a PS4 version. Again many of you don't know what a contract is. Even if just 1 or 2 people invested money into this project based on the promise of a PS4 version, the company that took the money, has to honor them. Just because the game was crowded funded, does not mean MS can void the crowded funded agreement that was in place before the acquisition. The Epic game store is still on windows/PC, if they never specifically picked steam, they can make it Epic store exclusive. It's still on PC. This is very different from crowded funding and promises a game on a particular platforms, taking the money and then going back on that promise.

They said they would honor prior obligations had by the studios they brought into the fold, and they've been holding to that.

You just owned yourself. MS has no choice, but to honor them. Do you seriously think, just because MS purchased the company, all other contracts, obligations are void? They have no obligation to release a PS5 version, because that was never promised. Their obligations becomes MS obligations weather MS wants to honor them or not, after the acquisition. Double Fine, was obligated to release a PS4 version, they made a promise and literally took people's money based on that promise. Breaking that promised will lead to legal issues.

TheRealTedCruz68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


Dude, you're literally just talking; creating an argument you claim is based on fact when it's not.
A. Kickstarter. Campaign. Is. Not. A. Contract.
A. Promise. Made. On. It. Is. Not. A. Contract.

There have been multitudes of failed Kickstarter projects funded, but never saw the light of day after being funded.
Outside of very specific cases, that was the end of things.
You're investing in the idea of a future product. Not the actual product.

Please, again, stop having such a strong stance on a subject you obviously aren't read up on.

Please though, if you wish to prove me wrong you can send me evidence of the contractual obligations Double Fine had to either/both Sony and the funders, or where it is stipulated within the rules of Kickstarter that you are 100% obligated to hold to every word you spoke during the campaign, or even release the product after funding.

I find it funny that you're holding to this idea that promises made are these binding contracts you have to hold to, but then promising Steam codes is different because reasons.

You have no idea how law, or how Kickstarter works, but keep playing lawyer.

Redemption-6468d ago


Just because you don't see a contract doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The SEC literally has laws about crowdfunding. In 2015, the FTC settled a case against the creator of a crowdfunding project who did not keep his promises. Seriously the FTC went after someone who didn't keep their promise, about $122,000 and you think a company like MS and Double fine will not face the FTC if they void the promise that was made to backers, especially given the size of MS and the amount of money raised?

The FTC has provided two tips, both of which should be followed by any entrepreneur looking to crowdfund their cause online:
Keep your promises while crowdfunding
Use the money raised from crowdfunding only for the purpose represented

Again do you think a company like MS and Double fine will not draw the attention of the FTC and or SEC attention if they refused to keep the promises? They went after someone for less. MS has enough money to refund everyone if they want, but simply voiding an existing promise used to raise millions of cash? Yeah, am sure the FTC would love to have a look at that.

Imortus_san67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

There is no HDR in any form in the game, LMAO.

Xbox Series as a feuture called AUTO HDR and implements it, you also get it on PS5.

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NeoGamer23268d ago

I don't think you can really compare the two (Shenmue 3 and Psychonauts 2). They were different partnerships and circumstances.

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