Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox File Size Nears 100GB

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox file size has been revealed, and it's almost 100GB just for the Standard edition of the game.

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excaliburps70d ago

Warzone and other Call of Duty patches have made me immune to thist. LOL!

Father__Merrin70d ago

A lot of console xbox fans are in for dissapointment. They think this will be a great game and fly about but it's a sim

I'm looking forward to the easiest cheevos and what thier percentage us

Tedakin70d ago

Yeah I think it's a game I'll screw with for a day or 2 and get tired of it. The Top Gun thing may be cool later this year.

Orchard70d ago

Does any gamer really not know what MS Flight Simulator is? It's been a pretty well known franchise for decades now and it's also right there in the name...

gamer780470d ago

They’ve updated this for console and have added an easy mode. Similar to other sims you can make it as hard as you want it to be.

Neonridr70d ago

Any game that has "Simulator" in the title pretty much guarantees it isn't for the casuals.

MoonConquistador70d ago

I tend to agree however with gamepass access, a lot of people who might have skipped it because it's "too simmy" (is this even a thing) will get to try it out .

So you'll get casuals and hardcore gamers (and all other pigeonholes in between) trying it out. Some will love, some will hate it.

In that sense, it's just like most other games that release on the x box platform.

ThinkThink70d ago

What about Goat Simulator?

Neonridr70d ago

@MoonConquistador - oh for sure, gamepass changes all that.

@ThinkThink - lol, you got me there.

Sayai jin70d ago

The name and type of game is in the title so I think you are a bit disillusioned and disingenuous. "Console Xbox fans" that is as redundant as your comment is trolly. People will download the game as part of their subscription and pkay of the like or delete it if they don't. It's a nice perk.

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Tedakin70d ago

Good thing I have the memory expansion.

thesoftware73070d ago

Ted Ditto..

But I already have it on will check it on SX and probably get rid of it 🤣🤣..

GP man, GP.

CaptainHenry91670d ago

I have it on PC too unfortunately it won't be the same experience on inferior hardware. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a beast to run on PC

Sayai jin70d ago

While it is overproced, I am glad they had
It avaialble at launch.

Hellcat202070d ago

I'll download it just to see how it runs on the OG Xbox one

HankHill70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I thought it was only available on Xbox Series S and X?

iplay1up270d ago (Edited 70d ago )

There isn't even a release date for last gen Flight Simulator. Only Series X/S. I just did a search. It will eventually come to Xbox One through X Cloud.

I wouldn't want to play this on last gen anyway. This is the most advanced Sim ever made. There are videos on YouTube about it. The tech behind this is amazing! Every single plane has been licensed and digitally scanned. Including the cockpits. Now Microsoft is adding Helicopters too.

Already pre installed on my Series X! Along with the Ascent.

iplay1up270d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Here is a link that talks about X Cloud, and it specifically mentions Flight Simulator coming to it. So eventually you can play it on the OG Xbox One. Also with X Cloud, it might run better than I originally thought it would on Xbox One.

Killer73nova70d ago

Then your Xbox would sound like the notorious ps4 jet engine sound

glennhkboy70d ago

It will only be available on Series X/S.

Sayai jin70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Nah man, you can still pkay it. You have to stream it on Xb1. It's not a twitch shooter so it may stream just fine.

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Wulfer70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Expected and I'm ready. This just the start, I bet this game ends up over 150 - 200 GB once all the DLC starts rolling in!

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