The Steam Deck is Going to Crush the Switch. Fight me.

The newly announced Steam Stream Deck is going to destroy the Switch, especially after the disappointing Switch OLED announcement. Here's why.

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thesoftware73069d ago (Edited 69d ago )

your a lunatic.

Destroy it how?

How well will this sell in japan, do you know if the Steam Deck will have issues? I can tell you one thing, if people start using this thing a lot and not just for gaming it can crash, get a virus ect. When a PC crashes it can be a real headache that most casuals will not know how to solve.

It's not even out.

Nintendo is on its way to the elite 100mil mark, its to late to destroy it.

zahdab69d ago

His a lunatic? what about mine :o ?!
Though yea with his logic PC should have destroyed consoles ages ago ...

bouzebbal69d ago

Just because it looks the same doesn’t mean it will compete against it.. the gameplay experience switch provides is very different thanks to its software..

ABizzel169d ago

Sales, absolutely not.

"If it was a competition", then yes it does in about every other category.

Switch has been out for over 4 years, it's done wha tit needs to do, and has sold so well it's not getting "crushed" by anything. Now if we're talking Switch 2 then that's another story, and honestly if Switch 2 comes out in 2022, then I still think Steam Deck will have better hardware, features, services, etc... simply because Nintendo doesn't want to cross the $349 "console" price point as it has worked for them, and Nintendo also doesn't want to sell their hardware at a loss.

Ju69d ago

Not sure if this is a valid argument. PC gaming is alive and kicking. I like the idea the SteamDeck brings to the table. I am curious what it will do for linux as a gaming platform, tbh. With Stadia (also linux based) and other (streaming?) platforms spreading to linux, this might have a big impact.

It will certainly have an impact on the Switch. Right now there is no mobile competition. But if I would have a choice, I'd rather take my steam games on the go, tbh. And have a bit of a beefier platform. I rather think this will sell in the millions. If it does, it will have an impact not only on the Switch but also on PC (and Linux) gaming. Even though I believe a lot of people will switch SteamOS with Windows - but it will all depend how well Valve can support SteamOS out of the box (that is, with a games library and easy of use). BigPicture is useless (IMO) and the desktop Steam UI only works well with a keyboard/mouse (but a touch might probably not have any issues with it).

I am also curious how this integrates with non steam games (Ubi launcher, Epic, EA).

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Sonic-and-Crash69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

No mario , No Zelda , No Monster Hunter , No Splatoon (games that are coming elite gaming artisans ..not like the bethesda and ubisoft mediocrities) =Steam Dek is a dead horse that depends on Playstation PC ports .......

it is the hard truth

Atom66669d ago

Premise of the article is dumb, but your comment forgets that this thing is going to be wide open. I immediately see it as an emulation work horse.

Yuzu probably will struggle, and Cemu still needs work, but everything from Dolphin on back will likely run flawlessly.

So it's going to ultimately have more Nintendo games than the Switch playable on it. Currently Vita has the crown for best portable emulation device imo. I can see Steam Deck replacing that quickly.

Plus it'll be capable of running 3rd party titles that simply can't run on the switch.

The "hard truth" is that you're likely going to have a handheld that can house your entire Steam library, 1000's games from PS1, PS2, GCN, Dreamcast, etc., probably PC Gamepass, and then those Playstation PC ports.

It won't overtake Switch of course, but there's a lot of positives about this thing.

Michiel198969d ago

@sonic so steamdeck will rely on 2 games then? HZD and Days Gone? not on the thousands of steam games that are allready out there?

-Hermit-69d ago

Monster Hunter is on Steam, so that immediately shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

Mario and Zelda are huge, but I simply don't care. It's very hard to feel like I am missing out on 2 series when I literally have thousands of other games to choose from. Mario and Zelda are not the be all end all of gaming, I don't care enough about either of them to buy a whole system for them.

Splatoon........seriously? That would be on Humble Bundle monthly six weeks after release if that was on PC. It's exclusivity to Nintendo makes it seem better than it really is.

"Steam Dek is a dead horse that depends on Playstation PC ports"

Careful, your fanboy is showing.

refocusedman69d ago

Other than Marion and zekda no one cares. Monster hunter is not a Nintendo exclusive and splatoon....... really???? At least mention metroid.

VersusDMC69d ago

Monster hunter world and Stories 2 are on PC. And Rise is coming to PC as well. All of those will be playable on the Steam Deck and look better. Let's see how much japan finds that appealing...

RaiderNation69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Hahahaha!! You act like emulators don't exist. There are PC Switch emulators right now that run Switch games better than the actual Switch does. Plus I can play virtually every single NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube game via emulation and they all look and run better and I don't have to have a stupid subscription to play them.

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FanboysKiller69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

MS've brainwashed its consumers to bother about the least common issues and take it into account, that's called feel of insecurity, buying a 1000 plus $ piece of tech in 2021 with all its tech advancements while still taking the least common issues into account, jeez! , normal humans can't operate at this level of insecurity.

Flawlessmic69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Destroy the switch?

Very unlikely, steam is not nintendo and while yes it has a large user base, it doesnt have half the recognition of nintendo.

Your average gamer who plays consoles would barely know what steam is, such as a lot of my freinds and family.

I honestly dont beleive this will go gang busters as i pretty much buy any consoles or hand helds that have come out in the last 17 years and i cant say i want this or will buy it anytime soon.

Maybe if the resolution was higher it would be a lot more enticing to me. Before anyone comes back with the switch resolution, its different as nintendo games have great art direction which softens the blow of average graphics.

Playing top tier games that i know look way better elsewhere is not that enticing, espcially as i highly doubt that battery is gonna last very long so the portability of it loses its shine.

I get there will be people who will want it, but this aint getting close to switch numbers.

TheCaptainKuchiki69d ago

Yeah I do believe that the vast majority of the Switch target demographics doesn't know what Steam is. Unlike the majority of PS5 and Xbox gamers who know it.

curtain_swoosh69d ago

naah, only frequent gamers know about steam.
casuals dont. or maybe they do and stay way from it cause pc gaming aint for everyone.

EarlyGamegg69d ago

its an opinion piece. You share your opinion, which is fine. It has nothin to do with being lunatic or something else. So calm down

PrinceAli69d ago

Loool... you're simply being challenged on your take because its genuinely a garbage take! Like you'd genuinely have to be a bonehead to think this system is going to destroy the Switch.. The Switch is sooo appealing to everybody and this machine is appealing to few (in comparison).. The people who want a handheld experience aren't the same crowd as the usual gamer and the Deck will suffer as a result of it. I predict this machine will sell its early stock then disappear into nothingness, just a cool alternative but with no real staying power.

Neonridr69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

you said "fight me" in your title, obviously accepting people to give rebuttals.

It's a niche product aimed at a select group. It will not destroy anything.

I have one on preorder because I love all technology, but until it can give me 1st party Nintendo titles, it'll always be third fiddle (behind my PS5 / Switch).

EarlyGamegg69d ago

you are right. I enjoy all of you guys sharing your opinion with me. Still, i am not calling other people lunatic or something. Thats it. Fight me with arguments rather than calling me things ;) But it is all cool

Master of Unlocking69d ago

It does have the whole Steam catalog behind it though... Something Switch owners will only ever be able to dream of. Playing GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2 on a portable system is nothing to scoff at, I think.

Neonridr69d ago

@Master - for sure, it has it's appeal. I have a gaming PC, so I don't know how much use I will get out of it though.

thesoftware73069d ago

You said it will "Crush" the Switch and then say "fight me"

Then say "hey its an opinion, calm down"

You really are looney.

Angyobangyo69d ago

Your title is inviting confrontation. Your opinions is just as valid as those who reply to you. Take your lumps.

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Levii_9269d ago

I hope it does so Nintendo can wake up. Switch doesn't deserve it's massive success IMO.

Darkborn69d ago

I agree. I havnt turned mine on it Iike a year. It's a really cool console and the concept is amazing, but it needs a revision with higher specs.

Levii_9269d ago

It needs games !! And yes i agree with the rest. I’m seriously thinking of selling it. I would rather have an XSX next to my Ps5 at this point.

ABizzel169d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I wouldn't even say it's the Switch, the hardware was mid-range even at the time of release (NVIDIA had already finished Tegra X2, and announced Xavier) so it was always going to get left behind eventually.

It's Nintendo that needs a revision, they're okay with doing just enough to get by and appease their fans, and doing even less to evolve their business to fit a better balance between their target audience (child / casual gamers), and the gamers who grew up with them.

No one is asking Nintendo for a $499 console that beats or even rivals PS5 and Series X. People would be okay with Series S performance levels that even has nips and tucks here and there to ensure they get their Day 1 profit, instead Nintendo has been stuck at PS360 performance levels and less for the last 16 years, and charging up to $350 for it.

RickRoland69d ago

The steam deck will hang out with Stadia in the middle of nowhere. Fight me.

TheRealTedCruz69d ago

Highly doubtful.
There's a lot of buzz around this and, unlike stadia, the Deck has the entire Steam catalog to play off of, and they're also not trying to charge you full retail to stream old games.

Though I'm assuming you may be taking the piss due to the OPs cringy straightforwardness.

John_McClane69d ago

I think the Steam deck is a very interesting proposition, I don't see much in way of negatives so far.

RickRoland69d ago

I think the steam deck is a fun little device however I also then think about the fact that a majority of games on steam I would prefer to play with a keyboard/mouse and that changes the entire thing.

CBaoth68d ago

Steam deck will be as popular as Steam machines. This is due to Valve NOT learning from that previous fiasco, not the device itself