Nintendo needs a better Virtual Console now that the Steam Deck is here

The Steam Deck has been announced and preorders are open, which means people are going to be able to buy the handheld device (assuming it's not sold out until 2030), and play their entire Steam Library, that likely has games going back to the 90s. But there are going to be some unscrupulous users who aren't just going to play Steam games – they're going to use the platform's open software to run all their favorite classic games from other platforms.

That means that people who have been wanting to play their favorite N64, GameCube and even NES and SNES games will have a way to do it on the go through an emulator, even if it's probably not the way Nintendo wants people to do it.

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Sgt_Slaughter65d ago

It would be nice, but it's not a necessity. Nintendo doesn't care that the Steam Deck can do emulation, emulation has always been a niche audience and it's not even competition for the Switch.

brewin65d ago

They just need a Virtual Console, regardless of the Steam Deck! Its a damn shame they didnt just carry over the Wii U's VC. Id love to be able to play all those VC games on my Switch and it feels idiotic that Nintendo has not gotten their shit together in this respect! It feels like a big middle-finger to the fans that supported the Wii U. But hey, at least they have ported over almost every damn Wii U game so I can buy them all over again. /sarcasm

Acecalibur65d ago

Uh people have been playing retro games on the go since PSP hacks came out. DS with the R cards. There dozens and dozens of preloaded Chinese handhelds on the market. Hacked Vitas. Handheld PCs powerful enough to run PS2 games, have been on the market for years. They must be living under a rock.