PS5 hit-maker rethinks game difficulty

Modernizing "Ratchet & Clank" meant making it easier, the game's creators said.

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Magog68d ago

Good of them to give people choices. If you skip through puzzles you're cheating yourself of part of the experience though.

neutralgamer199268d ago

Yes but at least give the option like they did. Some of those time puzzles in crack in time were awesome and difficult but it was peace of mind King of feeling knowing I can skip if I get stuck

as the game development cosy rises we will see more and more of these publishers who want to attract the biggest fan base possible to make as much money as possible

OtterX68d ago

A Crack in Time had the pinnacle of Clank puzzles for sure! Loved them, as they really racked your brain.

I did feel as if the Rift Apart puzzles were a bit TOO easy. If something wasn't instantly obvious, it became clear within just a few minutes. I'd like to see puzzles return to A Crack in Time level, but leave skips or hints for those who want it. -Maybe link a trophy for not using skips or hints as a reward.

68d ago
jukins62d ago

Eh i honestly felt the glitch parts were boring basically just going through blasting. Clanks puzzles were clever though

neutralgamer199268d ago

We have sort of shed this conventional wisdom that games kind of need to be a hardass in order for you to get satisfaction out of it," "Rift Apart" game director Mike Daly told Axios, of his team's new approach to game challenge.

The bottom line: Daly says his team's work on making the new game more accessible transformed their mindset about making the game more approachable.

"We no longer think about, like, 'What will make the most elite players feel good about themselves?' And more like, 'What will enable everybody to have the experience they want to have?' Because that's sort of the most important thing to us."

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ArmorOfGod67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I’m no “elite” player, but unless a game is challenging *on some level*, it’s not worth playing. It doesn’t have to be Returnal or Souls-hard, just challenging enough to make me think. And this is why I won’t be playing Rift Apart. Catch-22 for them, eh? Open the door for players that typically find games too challenging, close the door for players who only play games to overcome their challenge.

neutralgamer199267d ago

That's why there is normal and hard difficulties. It's best to have options

ArmorOfGod67d ago

If hard mode made the AI more intelligent or rebalanced enemy types so it mattered which weapon type you use, you’d have a point.

Sadly, in this case just turning enemies into bullet sponges does not make the player think or strategize, it just takes longer to kill them. Therefore, this “hard mode” is more accurately titled “long mode”.

Aussiesummer68d ago

Those time and virus puzzles started to wear thin, I skipped the last one. Glad they added that feature.

curtain_swoosh68d ago

"We no longer think about, like, 'What will make the most elite players feel good about themselves?"

this line made me laugh cause its soo true haha.

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Retroman68d ago

Soooooooooo, do this mean Clank parts can be skipped now
in Rift Apart?? if so I'm glad!!! hated clank part's in the 2016 reboot.

brewin68d ago

YES! You an skip them, as I am doing so in my 2nd playthrough. They are by far the worst parts of the game IMO.

Retroman67d ago

Thank you for sharing this....... now I can buy the game.

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