Call of Duty: War Zone new set of bans

Raven Software:

Has been a while since our last anti-cheat update!

Two #Warzone ban waves this week. Over 50,000 accounts banned combined.

Targeting repeat offenders, and much more.

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Kaii68d ago

In other news, it only takes 1 to ruin 1 lobby, goodwork guys ./applause

Snookies1267d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The fact that this many people have something to prove by cheating... Lol, really says a lot about someone if you have to go to these lengths to try and get recognition for how 'good' you are. Please ban them forever, so that people who actually want to play the game are able to do so. In fact, would be nice if being caught cheating on a game resulted in a ban for your actual system account as well. Keep these people off online gaming completely.

Sephiroushin67d ago

I dont know about activision and blizzard but I know EA ban the account when cheating on Battlefield, so people can lose w/e they bought on origin ... I hardly play pvp games now a days way too many cheaters...
Sony do ban Mac adressess and I believe MS too but I dont think 3rd party do so

---SLUG---67d ago

Can they do the world’s hard drives a favor and ban everyone?

Sunny1234567d ago

Why not implement a anti cheat software, where you have to run it to start the game, otherwise you cannot play br. It's just horrendous on how blatant the cheaters are.

Darkborn67d ago

And this is why cross play is a bad thing. Who wants to be in a game with a bunch of cheaters and modders?

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