Streets Of Rage 4's New Update Is A Transformative Experience

Streets of Rage 4's new update, Mr X Nightmare, adds so much new content to the overall game that it's almost completely overhauled.

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thesoftware73092d ago

I agree, me and my brother are loving it..

Survival mode is super fun and challenging. The new moves essentially changes the characters feel.

The 3 new characters are awesome additions as well..very fun to play with and well integrated.

Rebel_Scum92d ago

The tutorial is a good idea. I played an online game the other night and the other player was Axel and not even once did they do the bare knuckle move.

Sonyslave392d ago

This update rocks Estel is my new bae sorry blaze.

DefaultComment92d ago

How could you outcast Blaze?!?! You have no soul!

TriniOutsider92d ago

It's a great update. Streets of Rage 4 was already a very well-put-together game. I welcome the changes and new characters. Makes, the game feel fresh.

VTKC92d ago

Just a heads up on anyone thinking of buying the DLC because there maybe a problem if you do not realise what I am about to say.
Make sure you buy the DLC in the correct region because the physical copies of this games region is different depending which one you have. The Limited Run Games copy is USA. The Merge copy is Europe. The DLC is region locked so if you go buy it like you normally do when you are say from Europe and have a Limited Run games copy then it will not work.