4 great Switch games to get you into beat 'em ups

Switch is home to several incredible beat ’em ups, and we wanted to highlight newer games that exemplify both the immense quality and variety of the classic genre. For those that may be intimated by the genre’s old-school labeling, we think any of these games would be a perfect place to begin your beat ’em up journey.

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PhillyDillyDee137d ago

SoR4 is incredible. Its the deepest, most content rich beat-em-up i have ever played. And they seem to still be supporting it.

Agent75136d ago

So many of these games out there, most I never got to play. At the time, I remember Final Fight on the Mega CD which had an extra level or something, but I played the arcade version on CAPCOM Collection on the PS2 years go. Also Final Fight 2 on the Super NES, but it didn't hold up to the first game. Played many games on the C64 such as Renegade, Target Renegade and one of the Double Dragon games, but can't remember which one. But back then, arcade games didn't hold up well on those computers, including the Spectrum and Amstrad CPC464. Playing these games at home, it all kicked off with the Mega Drive and Super NES. For me, it was Streets of Rage and Golden Axe that finally made 2D beat 'em up genre worth playing. Two Crude Dudes also brings back memories and I had the Genesis version. But a lot of 2D beat 'em ups never made it out of the arcades and after playing CAPCOM Fighting Collection and CAPCOM Belt Action of the Switch, hoping there's more of this in the future. Anything 2D fighting was great back then. Alien Storm and ESWAT on the Mega Drive also get a mention.


New Streets of Rage 4 update makes an amazing game even better

A brand new Streets of Rage 4 update was released on March 10, 2023, and adds a ton of improvements, including game balancing and a new survival mode.

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Mr_cheese195d ago

Love the support they're showing this game! It could easily have been left in its original state and I'd have not complained so this is an amazing bonus!

thesoftware730195d ago

I still play survival with my brother, super fun.

We cant pass stage 40 though, the damn red enemies are brutal.

COS195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

The best 16-bit fighter of its generation. Glad to see they updated and continue to support.

PhillyDillyDee195d ago

How about some more modes for shredders revenge too?

frostypants195d ago

Totally forgot this came out! Gonna go download it...

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SullysCigar243d ago

This would have saved me some internet trawling before Christmas!

230d ago

Five Indie Beat-‘Em-Ups to Play if You Loved TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

Half-Glass Gaming: "If you enjoyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, here are five more indie beat-'em-up games you should check out."

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Terry_B443d ago

Fight N Rage and Double Dragon neon belong into this list.

ZeekQuattro443d ago

Surprised to see someone mention DD: Neon. I loved it but it seemed like I was the only one as most people just dunked on it when it was first released on the PS3. Fight N Rage is also a good one. I liked Raging Justice but it doesn't hold a candle to the other games you mentioned.

HeliosHex443d ago

How can you leave out fight N Rage that game is awesome.

Venoxn4g443d ago

Nobody mentioned Castle Crashers.. now thats bad

DazaMc443d ago

Guardian Heroes is only £1.69 on the Xbox store, just picked it up yesterday. It's still amazing.

isarai442d ago

Been playing 9 Monks of Shaolin, definitely deserves to be on this list