Why the Steam Deck Hurts PS5 and XBOX More than Switch

Alex writes: "In the end the Steam Deck will hurt Sony and Microsoft more, as the hardcore gamer PS5 and Xbox market is filled with both hardcore gamers and hybrid-PC gamers who have been yearning their who lives to take their gaming on the go."

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enkiduxiv74d ago

I suspect that the people who are dishing out money for a portable steam player are also the people who already own the other three consoles along with a high end PC.

Neonridr74d ago

I own a high end PC and I for sure won't be dishing out for this. Why would I spend $500 (CDN) so I can play the same games I can play on my PC at lower resolutions / lower framerates. This isn't a situation where I don't have the TV available to me so I can play on my Switch in handheld mode. It's my PC, nobody uses it but me. I guess I could play in bed or downstairs, but I would literally be forcing myself to do that so I don't feel like I wasted $500.

It's cool and it's what the Switch successor should be, no doubt. But it's still a niche product at the end of the day. The top unit costs more than a PS5 up here in Canada.

_SilverHawk_74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I'm glad the steam deck will be available for all the people that have been begging for a switch pro for years and have a better choice to play a lot of portable games on a better handheld instead of shoddy switch ports normally having low texture and horrible frame rate. The switches library consists of over 90 percent port of old games anyway so with the steam deck a lot of gamers will be able to play thousands more games available on steam and current gen games coming out that will never be on the switch.

The steam deck is such a better deal than the switch which has expensive joycons that will no doubt fail so either gamers will have to buy an expensive pro controller or more joycons which will no doubt have drift. Majority of nes fans with a switch should definitely want to buy a steam deck because it's so much better than the switch and is the answer to their prayers they've been begging Nintendo for with a switch pro. I can already see some people lying and making excuses why steam deck isn't a good deal but we all know what sort they are. I can see a 1080p oled steam deck coming out within the next year or 2 depending on the success of 1st iteration

Neonridr74d ago

@SilverHawk - Valve had issues with the Index controllers suffering drift, so don't count your chickens.

If I didn't own a PC I could see the appeal, why the heck would I spend this much money on a device when I have a better one in every regard (minus the portability). It's not like it'll play different games than my PC. I own my Switch for the Nintendo games I can't get anywhere else. That's it.

Bladesfist74d ago

@Neonridr Every controller from Xbox to Playstation to Nintendo to Valve has had drift issues. They are all using the exact same Alps sensor.

Bobertt74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

It's not going to take away Switch players because they are married to Nintendo no matter what they do and the majority of them won't take advantage of the PC functionality. I can see it attracting the PS Vita crowd though because they would love playing any of the PS exclusives that will eventually get released on PC and they love to hack handhelds and this is perfect for installing other software.

blacktiger74d ago

You are missing bigger point. This is an open platform device with mouse and keyboard something console lack. So what device can run all that on the go?

darthv7274d ago

I dont own a high end PC. I gave up PC gaming years ago (last game i played was half life 2). Now this is my kind of device. it is powerful enough to play what is currently on steam and it is cheaper than me buying all the parts to build a gaming pc. Plus it is small. I dont plan to stop supporting ps5 and series x but this could get me back into pc gaming that i have been missing out on for so long.

annoyedgamer74d ago

I have a high end PC too (finally) but I just bought it. Its the tech that interested me, especially Linux which I game on.

Neonridr72d ago

@annoyedgamer - yeah I ended up putting down a preorder. I'm intrigued. I can always cancel down the road.

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anubusgold74d ago

Or they own a 600 dollar gaming laptop that can game with a 1650ti like i bought 2 years ago. Its good for 1080P 90 fps gaming so its good when im on a trip for work and need to game in my hotel room.

enkiduxiv74d ago

I’ve got basically the same thing, which is why I can’t see myself getting this product.

Vizigoth0474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

On a positive note, maybe this Steam Deck will get popular enough to pull demand away from the consoles enough for supply to finally catch up. I really do think it’s a cool idea specifically for on the go and for those having a hard time finding or affording a Gaming Rig.

itsmebryan74d ago

I think this can be used with Gamepass. That adds another option to think about.

thorstein74d ago

Exactly. It's a portable computer to play games on. They already have the games on Steam, now they can take the games with them.

ABizzel174d ago

I fit that demographic, I have all the consoles, and a Gaming PC, so Steam deck is just an companion device to enjoy.

This has little to no effect on PS5. There's almost no PlayStation gamer that would be willing to buy Steam deck over getting a PS5. However, it is probably the most ideal companion device to a PS5, as now you have access to almost all of the Steam library and all of the PC GamePass games on the go without buying an Xbox. And if you watch a YouTube video you can also emulate every Nintendo console (including the Switch) for that entire library as well.

It would at most have a minor effect on Xbox sales for the reason mentioned in the PS5 part. That being said just like PS5, no fan is going to be buying the Steam deck over a Series X. That being said it's a great companion device to anyone wanting to take their GamePass library on the go.

It would at most have a minor effect on Switch / Switch 2 sales for the reason mentioned in the PS5 and Xbox part. While it's technically a direct competitor to Switch, Nintendo already has the branding and market so it will be successful regardless. What it does; however, is it allows people like myself who know how to emulate, and who owns everything already to question if we need a Switch or Switch 2 if we can get our Nintendo fix by simply emulating the older games or playing the fan-made games from Unreal, RPG maker, etc... which are also great.

I don't see this as a threat to any of the big 3, moreso, as a niche companion device that has a potential market of over 200 million gamers.

Christopher74d ago

The games I play on PC won't work with this since they're rarely controller supported games (I play those on console). So. while I get its purpose, I don't see myself using such a device.

DefaultComment74d ago

Not really, if this is a "portable PC" that I can play my cataloge of steam games and new PC games then why would I need to buy me a ps5 or an Xbox Series X. This could basically fill out most of the needs for gamers IF AND ONLY IF Valve does things right and provide good games and a good product.

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Knightofelemia74d ago

Hmmm $500 (Canadian) for a handheld that plays Steam games or a PS5 I am going PS5. As a collector I want this thing just for that factor. I don't play Steam games on a handheld I'd rather play them on a gaming pc I built.

Bladesfist74d ago

I personally am going to pick this up instead of a PS5 but only because I am a PC Gamer who normally only buys the consoles further into their lifecycles when there are loads of good exclusives to play.

So I'm not your typical Console buyer I suppose.

Zeref74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

I'm getting this instead of a PS5, cuz I got gamepass ultimate and you can install Windows 11 on it. This is my Xbox handheld in all but name.

Plus you can play the Sony games that are on/coming to PC.

derek74d ago

Sure Zeref, you've got it all figured out. Lol
What other stories do you have to tell.

Zeref74d ago (Edited 74d ago )


Are you hurt? Just stating facts

D3TH_D33LR74d ago

@derek lmao nothing he says here is wrong? I’m guessing OP makes a ton of Xbox fanboy posts for you to be on his case but it’s true you can uninstall the steam OS, install windows 11 and just run steam as an app as well as gamepass. This is a handheld pc, not a handheld steam device.

74d ago
Zeref74d ago


To them I'm an Xbox fanboy cuz I talk positively about Xbox.
If I was a fanboy I wouldn't be getting this and play Sony games on it wouldn't I? Cuz that's how dumb fanboys be.

Zerobalance74d ago

Brilliant idea. I've got GamePass ultimate. Gonna wait till the price drops but yeah great to have the best of 3 world's. PlayStation exclusive's Xboxes GamePass & an all in one device. Time for the Ponies to cry.

dbcoops73d ago

"you can wipe the pre-installed SteamOS entirely and replace it with Windows. While that will probably hurt your gaming performance (due to this new version of SteamOS being optimized for the Steam Deck's hardware),"

People keep talking about installing Windows on it but hopefully people are aware of and prepared for the drawbacks of doing so.

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masterfox74d ago

totally the opposite imo, still I think $299 was the sweet spot to reach a lot more audience and I mean alot, also they could it put POs available at major retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, online Amazon, etc, really starting to see a big opportunity lost here, Valve could it take the handheld market by surprise, that 399 starting price tag will limit alot the appeal of this device, for me kinda want one since I know indeed has a Dpad lol and have dozens of Steam games I usually forget I have installed, also I hope it can be plug an external drive somehow, that would be awesome.

TheRealTedCruz74d ago

It's pretty fairly priced compared to higher end gaming tablets, which is basically what this is. It probably warrants more than that, honestly, but you can kind of look at this like the console model - make little to no profit, sometimes even taking a hit, but subsidizing that loss via game sales.

Zeref74d ago

It's way more powerful than anything else on the market. Like a lot more.

399 is a steal. But 529 is the "real" price. Since you're not gonna be able to install many games on 64gb before you have to buy the slower expandable storage.

DeadlyFire74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Actually there is a slot you can switch out the storage I believe. According to pictures. Idk for certain though

darthv7274d ago

Plug in a 256gb or 512gb or even 1tb micro sd card and boom... you got room to install stuff.

annoyedgamer74d ago

Just buy SD cards and put the games on those. Or a portable HDD.

uth1174d ago

Yeah everyone seems to be ignoring this. People jumped on PS5 for only having 800Gb, but 64 is enough for a Steam system? No way!
Even 256 or 512 isn't really alot of storage. And they charge a premium for those relatively small storage increases.

Zeref73d ago


Actually, they're pretty cheap nowadays, you can get 256gb for under 40 dollars, and they're on sale pretty often.

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FallenAngel198474d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Didn’t they say something similar about the Steam Machines in comparison to PS4 & XO? Guess some journalists just don’t learn

This is too expensive to be a threat to any of the hardware manufacturers

slavish074d ago

everyone 1st thought is switch for a reason. Portable is the selling point so no, it's competition is switch weather you like it or not

Manubiggs74d ago

I don't see Grannies going into Best Buy at Christmas asking for a steam deck for little Tommy - switch or switch light probably. This is a very niche product.

Teflon0273d ago

Because it doesn't exist and those are kids. People need to ask grandma for what they want. They ask for ps and Xbox just fine. The issue is the grown people. It's alot of grown people buying switch and I don't know why anyone is pretending that's not the case lol. Those same people want something stronger than switch. They always keep talking about this and that game on the go and whatnot. Now a system can do it without the big comprise. So yes it's a big issue for switch