Sega sued for ‘rigged’ arcade machine

Sega’s Key Master arcade game is causing problems for the company once again. A new lawsuit alleges that Key Master is intentionally rigged against players. It’s marketed as a game of skill, but players claim machines bar against awarding successful runs, making Key Master more of a chance-based game.

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Fntastic74d ago

Most arcade machines are rigged. It's the same with the grabbers that pick up toys, they may have elements of skill but if the machine hasn't had enough money in it to pay out then guess what? No prize. So the machine probably readjusts to make you lose no matter how good you are, like getting a weak grab on a grabber and the toy falling from its grip.

Knightofelemia74d ago

Hence why they eat quarters arcade machines have been doing that for a very long time.

Profchaos74d ago

Watching the game over documentary on Netflix shows this was done from the earliest iteration of arcade cabinet games.

The while system was built to keep playtimes short but not so short that the player would feel ripped off and let the difficultly rise with every X amount of time.

It was always about pumping as much money into the machine in the shortest period of time possible.

fitofficial74d ago

Now do Magic the Gathering: Arena.

Michiel198974d ago

anything im missing in that? I never spend a dime on that game and with the packs/drafts + wildcards im able to build most decks i want. I actually have a playset of most cards from a lot of sets.

Aussiesummer74d ago

Growing up the arcade machines we would play were usually always on the hardest setting possible, it was ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.