Spore's Huge DRM Backfire

"Now it has become apparent that for all EA's reputation destroying efforts to ensure punters bought Spore, they may have actually acted to entice gamers to pirate the game. Forced between a choice of downloading the game for free, or effectively renting it from EA, punters voted with their clicking finger." - gameplayer reports

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Perjoss3602d ago

That picture is kinda wrong, considering the amount of illegal downloads of games like Spore I think we ('we' being gamers in general) are screwing the DRM up the backside, not the other way around.

ThatArtGuy3602d ago

At least they're giving a reach around.

y0haN3601d ago

Nice image, I didn't buy Spore and I'm glad because above DRM the game was hugely overrated.

DoctorBonzai3601d ago

Hugely overrated would probably be an understatement.

Gosh, that game was disappointing.

Tiberium3601d ago

all I know is the people on amazon really hate the game. it has like 1.5 stars.

Captain_Sony3601d ago

That game really needed more game to it. Creation stuff was great but it should have been secondary to game play not first.