The most anticipated RPGs launching in 2021

From Xfire: "2021 still holds plenty of huge RPG releases in the coming months - provided they don't get delayed. Here are a few we anticipate most."

anast805d ago

I'm hyped for Diablo 2 and Pathfinder.

nommers805d ago

Never played Diablo 2, but definitely keeping an eye on it.

hoangcuc802d ago

The game graphics are really nice


What Can Diablo IV Learn From Diablo II

Diablo IV may be the latest entry from the Diablo series, but it can sure learn a thing or two from the iconic Diablo II. Both of these games are different and similar to each other, but Diablo II's phenomenal presence should still be more appearing in Diablo IV to make the game even better in its current state.

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anast30d ago

Don't turn it into a live service, don't reskin immortal, and add to the complexity.


Which JRPGs Should FFXVI Fans Play Next?

Final Fantasy XVI is a thrilling action-heavy spin on the RPG formula, and other JRPGs like Tales of Arise and NieR:Automata are just as exciting.

shinoff218382d ago

I'd say try one of the older final fantasy games. 6, 7, or 9. That's final fantasy at its best.

cemelc82d ago

I would agree with you. but 16 is nothing like those.

Whoever liked 16 probably wont like turn based probably, gameplay is too much of a departure from older games

closed_account82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Dynasty Warriors , because they like mashing the X button to exhaustion. (any of them - they're all basically the same w minor tweaks) If FFXVI can be considered a jrpg, then so can Dynasty Warriors. You get XP, level up, and it was made in Japan. These are the prerequisites that people argued here were the only thing needed to make a jrpg. So who knows? 🤷

**But seriously, I would say the Tales Series. I really liked Tales of Arise... some people don't. The stories are hit and miss sometimes, but I still enjoy them to some extent. Tales of Berseria is good if you like a darker story. There's a bit more typical JRPG tactics and ability utilization aside from the action focus of the game.

closed_account82d ago

My apologies - I actually hate the Dynasty Warriors series, I wouldn't really recommend it. I was just trying to make a point. 😂

S2Killinit81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Not necessarily. Personally, I like turn based and I also like live action, both contingent on it being done right.

shinoff218381d ago

Cemic your right. Just my sad attempt to get people to play the old schools

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Dirty_Lemons82d ago

Road to Zanarkand holds a special place in my memories. Haven't played it for probably 15 years but Auron was 👌 Awesome music and story.

Flawlessmic82d ago

Ahhh your speaking my language!!!

Auron is my fav FF character, I just thought he was so dam boss when I was younger hahaha

Knightofelemia82d ago

Any Tales games even the ones before Arise, Trails games are also good, so are the Y's games.

cemelc82d ago

Tales are awesome, Arise doesnt have the best story, but it has really good gameplay

shinoff218381d ago

I thought arises story was pretty damn good

RedDevils81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Shadow Heart or The legend of Heroes beat it all day.

jznrpg81d ago

Hopefully the next Ys game gets localized sooner than later. It’s due out in Japan in September but no word for the rest of the world yet.

Obelisk9282d ago

Tales of Arise is one of the best JRPGs I've played in recent memory... absolutely masterful

andy8582d ago

Played pretty much all of the big ones so mine will be Atelier Marie remake 😂 ill need something relaxing after 2 playthroughs of FFXVI

bRuud8382d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 next for me together with FFXIV online, which will take me like forever.

P_Bomb81d ago

I’m gonna hop back on FF14 once I wrap up my new releases.