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Hello, everyone! Today I want to talk about censorship–with the news of DDLC Plus coming to consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, it’s something that a lot of you have asked ab…

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Fntastic567d ago

Well it's an adult game, strange tho, just don't let kiddies play it rather than censor it. Bad parents should be to blame.

curtain_swoosh566d ago

its odd that those changes only apply, or only seem to apply, to anime/manga inspired games.
whats up with that? lol

annoyedgamer566d ago

Because American art is already censored at the source.

Teflon02565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

I see it's about blood in this case so changing my comment.

That's just weird. But it just seems Sony really just isn't willing to remotely play with any Japanese or international laws. People should look at some of them. Like the ones about dismemberment etc. Companies can get around some of these by changing colour etc. But yeah. If it was the fanservice stuff I'd say most of it isn't a bother. Blood being darker isn't either. This is less Sony because even Anime in general has done this alot in Japan, as well as put God rays and actually alot of times the localized dubs and such are when you finally see the uncensored versions officially.

Teflon02565d ago

People also don't look into the fact scenes and games do Infact get censored from our games going to Japan. Different laws comes with these things.

883565d ago

Regarding comments like Teflon02's:
We worry about fanservice/underage etc. We talk about how GOW and actions between adults are different in video games. I'll be honest, I don't see the fake (presentation in video games) of any subject matter as being justifiably off limits (being entertained by brutal killing isn't always really any better for society than underage fanservice seems to be in Japan). We (gamers) are constantly being forced to defend our hobby and argue that violent video games do not make criminally violent people (although violent people may be attracted to violent video games)... It seems reasonable to suggest that pervy games don't automatically make criminal pervs (though pervs may be attracted to them). That is ultimately not the point though. The point is, I believe as long as a game is "make believe"/pretend, the creators should be able to create whatever the heck they want, players should be able to play whatever the heck they want. Content should NOT be a secret, but NO-ONE should be able to tell them what they are allowed to imagine/create/think/do IN A VIDEO GAME... How is controlling thoughts and pretend in a game anyone's right? Now, the second that someone goes out and actually DOES something, that's NOT a video game related issue anymore.

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dekke566d ago

yeah fck sony for not showing pixel titties :(

SpadeX566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

Have you read the article? The censored part in this game though is actually the color of a character's blood. They were forced to change the color to green instead of red. It doesn't make sense when other games are allowed to show red blood imo.

Rachel_Alucard566d ago

Letting one thing get banned never results in complacency with things afterwards, as you declared this was about titties without even reading the article and just wanted to feel superior in the comment section.

Inverno566d ago

They had no problem letting ND show the ugliest sex scene in video games so why have a problem with third party? Not a problem now but don't be surprised if later in the gen more third parties especially indies start keeping away their games if censorship becomes worse

dekke566d ago

ohmyy so many down wotes by weebs

-Hermit-566d ago


"ohmyy so many down wotes by weebs"

Doubling down when proven wrong? It has absolutely nothing to do with "anime titties". The censored scene has nothing to do with nudity, partial nudity or even characters in bikini's (something they have gone after in the past)

This proves everybody right about Sony and their hypocrisy and that waving it away like you have been doing was just going to lead to further censorship.

It was "anime titties" a year ago ( which was basically just adult characters in underwear / bikini's ) now it's going after the violence in these games too. I don't see them going after the Last of Us 2, and that had an anal scene and was one of the most grotesquely violent games released. Like I said, a bunch of hypocrites.

staticall566d ago

«It starts with one thing». First they ban tities (even showing cleavages will be enough to them to warrant a ban), then swearing, after that - showing any bare skin, then any mature themes or themes they «don't agree with». It's a downhill slope, 100% of the time.

Also, «appetite comes with eating». They'll ban more and more things as times go by. It's always been that way. Read about russian government blocking internet sites. First it was to block sites that sell narcotics. Then they added piracy, after that - any sites with «interest» in minors. But soon they were banning foreign social networks (that didn't want to store users data in Russia or didn't want to delete info at first request), political party websites, independant journalists and media, blogs, VPNs, even whole server providers (like, if you have a website at Digitalocean, there's a 35% chance it's blocked in Russia).

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dbcoops565d ago

"theres always adult sites if u wana see real ones and not pokemon :p"

Real what? This is about the changing of the color of blood in the game what are you on about?

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dbcoops566d ago

Seems like an inappropriate comment and a harsh reaction to nothing more than the changing of blood color.

dekke565d ago

theres always adult sites if u wana see real ones and not pokemon :p

565d ago
Yui_Suzumiya565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

I've played the game twice on PS4 and the blood color was turned dark red from bright red in that infamous scene.. No big deal. This is the best game I've ever played.

curtain_swoosh566d ago (Edited 566d ago )

its a shame but the impact of that scene is still quite effective and disturbing as hell.
im not sure why they had to change it tho, since it is a game for adults.
is changing the colour of blood really necessary if you have all the other stuff still in it? lol

sony has some really weird censorship for manga/anime games going on.


isarai566d ago

Like i've said before, it really seems like they have it out for Japan specifically, and i don't get why. TLOU2 has some of the most disturbing violence and gore AAAND a straight up sex scene with full frontal nudity, yet a mature rated game from japan cant have cartoon blood? Makes no sense

Rachel_Alucard566d ago

Team Salvato is fully American. This is less an attack on Japan and more on an attack at that artstyle if anything.

Yui_Suzumiya565d ago

They're very sensitive about violence and nudity when it comes to games made in an anime style that weren't developed by Atlus.

-Hermit-565d ago


Not even Atlus are safe. They were pressured into changing dialogue and scenes in Persona 5 Royale. Catherine also had censorship from Sony.

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sourOG566d ago

What is the act 2 part? They won’t spoil it and I have never heard of this game?

curtain_swoosh566d ago

why are you here in the first place haha.

sourOG566d ago

I’m interested in censorship and the title is “about censorship”. I’m wondering what the scene is and why it’s a big deal

DOMination-566d ago

I won't spoil it. Just go and play it - the original version is free to play on Steam and totally worth it. Just heed the warnings. If you have any mental health issues the game recommends you don't play it. This is not a joke.

Otherwise I would recommend you watch the Game Theory (Channel GTLive) Lets Play walkthrough as the guys get a a good grasp of whats going on and make it quite entertaining at the same time.

sourOG565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Domination can you dm me the spoilers? I don’t play on PC and I won’t play it. I don’t even know what it is lol. I just want to know what the scene is about. It’s kind of hard to understand when nobody will talk about it lol.

curtain_swoosh566d ago

it involves blood. thats what the censorship is about. they changed it from red to green

Yui_Suzumiya565d ago

Dark red .. I have it on PS4

Yui_Suzumiya565d ago

Then you're seriously missing out. I've been waiting years to play it since I don't have PC and now that I have it on consoles and have played it, it's my all-time favorite game. Just go experience it right now because there's nothing like it out there.

Soap_Z566d ago

This game has been out since last month as well as the developer's article and a lot of people already finished it. Then suddenly Internet began to fuck Sony after some sites posted news today.
Guess those people really don't play games.

Teflon02565d ago

It goes to show you, people like to be mad and complain. Slot of the things they say contradict their actions. Like how when BFV was dropping, all of a sudden DICE can't have creative freedom with FACTS from actual vets. But stuff that risk laws is suppose to be okay. Especially when no one would ever notice if someone wasn't pointing it out lol.

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