Manhunt 2 announced for the PlayStation2 , PSP and the Wii

Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., is proud to announce Manhunt 2 for the PlayStation 2 system, PSP system, and Nintendo's Wii. Manhunt 2 is the debut title from the newly formed Rockstar London studio, which is developing the game in conjunction with series creator Rockstar North. The Wii version is being developed by Rockstar Toronto. Manhunt 2 will be available this summer.

"With Manhunt 2 we have tried to create a game that stays close to the original concept of chilling suspense and stealth, whilst pushing the game design and storytelling forward," said Sam Houser, founder and executive producer of Rockstar Games. "We are also excited to have our newest development team, Rockstar London, working on the title alongside our two established UK studios, Rockstar North and Leeds."

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T-Virus4905d ago

(I don't count Wii as next gen, I call it 'different gen.')
Imagine procision knife cutting with the Wiimote, awesomeness.

eclipsegryph4905d ago (Edited 4905d ago )

We're in the current gen, and like it or not, the Wii is in the current generation of consoles, in a purely logical manner. But I think I know where you're going with that. So technically this game is being made for a last-gen, a new-gen, and a crappy portable system.

I'm banking that the Wii version will probalby be the most interesting, and best selling, of the three.

Odiah4905d ago

The wii sure is trying to shake the kiddy image. We already have Godfather, Driver and Scarface.

Rooted_Dust4905d ago

It made me feel dirty for playing it. I've lost my respect for Rockstar, it just seems like they sink to new lows with every game they make. To this day I have never played San Andreas and I will not be playing this game either.

PureGamer4905d ago

anyway that stupid arogant american bloke will try to get this banned no doubt, but i will still buy it

techie4905d ago

It was actually a very good game. And an extremely good concept - which mocked are reality television, showing how extreme it may get to. Or at least taking the mick at the very concept of reality shows for entertainment.

Intelligent game, with amazing game-play system and atmosphere - and hell the voice acting was some of the best I have ever heard in a game.

Absolutely amazing voice-acting. Some of those mental-patients were harrowing and amusing and the voice-over guy 'controlling' you was such a great performance that built until the end of the game.

Don't be fooled by the violence - hey "Saw 3" was an intelligent film....really taking the genre to a new level.

Rooted_Dust4905d ago

A game could have the best mechanics, but if the source material disagrees with you then the game suffers for it. Im sorry I stopped playing the game after I beat someone to death with the bat and the man on the radio said, "Oh yeah, your getting me off." That was it..end of story.

InMyOpinion4904d ago

It's a game! If you want to keep away from explicit content including incest, rape and violence I suggest you never read the bible. It has made many people mix up fiction with reality!

techie4904d ago

The point is that it is mocking what has both become of television entertainment and video games. Yes the guy is crazy - yes you're meant to be disturbed. Thankfully you're killing crazy gang members.

But heres the thing, for once it points out how far it can go and you are desperately aware that you are killing for entertainment - so far games have had people running around killing people and we have become desensitised...HALO, Killzone, Prince of Persia - they'll all about killing people for your entertainment and nobody gives a crap - it seems like a natural thing to do and that's scary.

This game highlights why this is so scary, bringing what playing this 'game' in life would entail and you get to kill the sick producer who made you do it. It's clever, it's disturbing, it's hard to play, but it certainly is not desensitising violence in games.

You hear it got banned in the UK for a while since a kid killed his friend and apparently was inspired by manhunt. Stupid, it's like blaming Marylin Manson for the Columbine shootings. And one the kids shouldnt have this game, and second it was his friend who played it - the killler kid had never played it in his life.

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Odiah4905d ago

Thank God we don't care what Puritans think over here.

silent ninja4905d ago

no wonder it'll continue selling till 2008

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