Call of Duty: Warzone at 120Hz - has PS5 back-compat evolved?

Digital Foundry : The recently released 120Hz update for Call of Duty: Warzone for PlayStation 5 users is a welcome boost - it doubles performance over the prior version of the game, doing so with no noticeable impact to image quality. More importantly, its release may well signify that Sony is beefing up its backwards compatible support for its latest console, bringing it closer into line with the kind of features available on Xbox Series consoles, when running code designed for last-gen machines.

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Jin_Sakai807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

Richard states they’re clearly issued with the Series X version and it rately locks to 120fps and usually hovers around 90 to 110fps while PS5 stays closer to 120fps albeit having lower resolution and textures.

I’ll take better performance any day of the week.

Jin_Sakai807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

The Xbox Series X version also suffers with stuttering and screen tearing while the PS5 version doesn’t and has full vsync enabled.

VRR helps with these issues but not everyone has a compatible TV. Still yet, Sony really need to enable this feature for those of us who do!

bartender64806d ago

Lol how about no, if your tv has 120hz support with 4k, I'm almost 100% sure it has VRR/free sync support too. Even the lg c9 has it, while also having gsync capability. So I'll gladly take the cleaner visuals with the 120hz output, because if you truly have a 120hz display, then this is a non issue.

chiefJohn117805d ago

Worse graphics, less res, for a few more steady frames, 8 months later.....

IRetrouk805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

👀 up to 40 extra fps is a few more steady frames🤔🤣
Dynamic textures and res on both, that can swing either way...🤷‍♂️

343_Guilty_Spark805d ago

Anything above 60 fps is excellent. I would not take lower res at 120 vs 90-110 with higher res in any scenario

IRetrouk805d ago

👀Ofcourse you would😂
Nobody in their right mind that has the option is picking a version that runs between 80-120 while hardly actually hitting the target framerate over one that constantly hits it, for a texture and resolution bumb that does not always exist in that mode and can go the other way lol, not to mention the added input lag of all those drops and variations on the framerate, its pure cap🤷‍♂️

Jin_Sakai805d ago (Edited 805d ago )


“Anything above 60 fps is excellent. I would not take lower res at 120 vs 90-110 with higher res in any scenario“

Of course you’d say that. Sorry to burst you bubble but being a first person shooter higher framerate is more important.

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Orchard807d ago

You missed a key part: Xbox gamers have been enjoying 120hz for 8 months already…

807d ago
Jin_Sakai807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

“You missed a key part: Xbox gamers have been enjoying 120hz for 8 months already…”

And PS5 owners ended up with the better experience…


Orchard807d ago

@infamousr "I think the key part is Microsoft tried to make game boost out to be this special feature and even had Richard/DF and other sites say that PlayStation couldn't do it."

That was true at the time - sceKernel checks were added recently in response to the 'ERA enhanced' system on Xbox.

@Jin_Sakai Better experience is subjective - it depends on whether you prefer visuals or perf.

I'd rather start playing 8 months ago than wait 8 months for slightly better performance and worse visuals - a few frames at 120hz doesn't have much impact and my TV has VRR anyway. There is just one problem - I can't find an XSX anywhere!

So I'm playing on PC, which is arguably better for FPS games anyway.

807d ago
Orchard806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

@infamousr Boost mode and sceKernelisProspero are two different things. Boost mode boosts the title without/with minimal developer involvement, similar to what MS does with it's boost.

sceKernelisProspero is the PS equivalent of ERA enhanced on Xbox and lets developers make their software aware of which platform it is running on - but both sceKernelisProspero and ERA enhanced require code changes / an update by the developer.

For example, boost works well when the game didn't hit 60 previously, or had dynamic resolution scaling, but would be unable to boost beyond 60 or beyond the max resolution - as these would require code changes by the developer (same applies to Xbox's FPS boost). On the other hand, a developer could update their code to check if PS5 (SCE Kernel checks), set max res to X, or set FPS cap to Y.

PS5 boost was available day 1, sceKernel checks were not.

"You were one of the people who said AMD Fidelity FX wouldn't work on PS5 and spreads every other mis/disinformation about PS5."

I was? Please do show me where I said AMD Fidelity FX is not possible on PS5's current hardware/spec.

806d ago
Orchard806d ago

I've read the entire article and no where do I see Richard say it was available from day 1 on PS5. Please show me where he says that?

Anyway, I have SDK access, it was not available day 1. And if it was, WZ would have been updated a long, long time ago, we would have many more boosted games, and developers would not have been complaining publicly about the lack of such API.

"The only difference between the two consoles is that Microsoft is implementing the updates on other publisher's software, and Sony so far hasn't chosen to alter other publishers code."

This is somewhat incorrect - Microsoft does not alter the code of your game for you, heck, no company I've worked for would even share their code with Microsoft. Their FPS boost program simply intercepts DX calls at the OS/driver level, the game binary remains the same and is unaltered. Sony have done similar things with PS5 too, just with less titles. Any code modification to utilize ERA enhanced / sceKernelIs* is done by the developer, not the platform holder.

"Microsoft DF and MANY MANY other sites spread misinformation"

That's not what you said, you said I said the PS5 hardware wasn't capable of running FidelityFX. I do not work for Digital Foundry, nor any website for that matter.

Why would Digital Foundry care about Sony (or Microsoft, or any other companies) stock price? Realistically nothing said about PS5 or XSX is going to affect Sony or Microsoft's stock prices - they are very diverse companies that don't really rely on gaming.

And similarly, why do you care if they spread misinformation that caused a stock price drop? Are you a Sony shareholder?

"You tried to derail the discussion into SDK's to cover for Microsoft, which again was more misinformation."

Nope. I simply pointed out that it has taken 8 months for us to get this upgrade. The first mention of any SDK or API was by you =]

806d ago
Orchard806d ago


Isn’t clearly what you said? Here’s a direct quote from you above:

“You were one of the people who said AMD Fidelity FX wouldn't work on PS5 and spreads every other mis/disinformation about PS5. “

You said it, not me 🤷
It’s not my fault you chose to say things you couldn’t back up.

You messaged me? I have no messages from you and your account has been active for under a day.

I’ve proven to multiple people on here I am a dev and will continue to do so for anyone who messages me - and I am fine if you choose to not believe that - but that’s also ultimately irrelevant to this topic anyway since other devs have given actual formal interviews saying this wasn’t supported day 1.

So did COD just choose to wait 8 months to do a simple upgrade for fun / to screw PS gamers? A platform which they have a marketing deal with… makes perfect sense! /s

Only one liar here 😉

northpaws806d ago

And Sony have had awesome exclusives for years, by the same logic, can we dismiss every single Xbox games from now on? Since who doing it first is all that matters.

Rimeskeem806d ago

Congrats, now it's inferior.

wiz7191806d ago

@jin the better experience is the lower resolution and texture quality ?? Just to keep its frames is the better experience ??? Woooow I get it now lol no PS5 owners didn’t get the better experience … run it at the same resolution and textures see if it holds its frames the same

badz149806d ago


I think you are the one missing the key part. what 120Hz? you've seen the video, right? the SX version is almost NEVER 120Hz LOL

neutralgamer1992806d ago


8 months you said right well over the last 9-12 months ps4-5 owners actually got to experience actual new games. Blockbusters that both broke sales records and won more GOTY than any other game in history

The last of us 2
Demon souls remake
Spiderman MM
Ratchet and clank
Destruction all stars

But who knew you don't need new games all you need are patches for old games

Orchard806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

@badz149 I have a TV with VRR support, so it wouldn't really matter to me. PS5 lowers the resolution and texture quality to achieve 120hz, I'd rather have VRR + better visuals. But I play FPS on PC, so it's actually all irrelevant to me really.

@neutralgamer Oh I totally agree, most of those games are spectacular and I really enjoyed them (minus Bugsnax and Destruction).

But those games existing and being great doesn't mean WZ is bad or should just be dropped/unsupported. Warzone is still one of the most played games on all platforms, so it does deserve upgrades/patches.

bartender64806d ago

This is how you know that this guys here doesn't even have a 120hz display and don't even know what they're talking about. I don't blame them though as Richard should've explain that TV with 120hz also has vrr in almost 100% if not 100% of the cases. I'll take the visuals, because you will not notice any of the "issues" if you truly have the display lol.

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Outside_ofthe_Box806d ago (Edited 806d ago )


SO now which one performed better first matters. . . lol

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IRetrouk806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Vrr does not fix the dropped frames though, they still drop, you still get the input lag etc associated with the drops, it fixes the torn frames and juddering, thats it.

There is no way i would prefer vvr and barely hitting 120fps constantly vs an almost constant 120fps with v- sync, just for sometimes getting better resolution and texture detail, especially after finding out the res and texture detail is dynamic on both systems and can go either way.

805d ago
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derek806d ago

Sure Orchard, we are all "devs" here. Lol

wiz7191806d ago ShowReplies(1)
Toncsipapa806d ago

I got both and i rather play on xbox ps5 got really blurry and the lower textures makes me harder to see enemies. But nice that ps5 is more stable.

jznrpg805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

Blurry? Lol screen tearing is blurry not a small amount of pixels .

John_McClane806d ago ShowReplies(2)
InUrFoxHole806d ago

"I'll take better performance any day of the week."

Yet you're playing cod! ROFL!!

DigitallyAfflicted805d ago

It’s Microsoft marketing narrative that Xbox can somehow do things ps5 can't. As much as it was that they have `the best controller and the 12 teraflops. Not having a go at Xbox it's a good piece of technology, it's just that Xbox should stop comparing itself to ps5...

derek805d ago

Marketing and hype is all xbox has at this point.

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Father__Merrin807d ago

Ps5 stick to 120fps closer than what series x does. Another big win for PS5 Warzone is still mega popular so it's a valid win.

Personally I tried the 120htz mode on my monitor and didn't think it was all that tbh mabey for quick fire competition use but that's all. I'd prefer the higher res at 60fps

badz149806d ago

the thing is, the SX version is not even close to 120fps!