The 10 Best PS4 games to play on PS5

From Xfire: "Even if you've already played through these PS4 games, an 'nth playthrough on the PS5 still yields a very different and better experience. "

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Silly Mammo76d ago

I would put Destiny 2 on the list. It looks gorgeous on the PS5 and it plays buttery smooth.

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sourOG76d ago

Xcom 2 is a stuttering mess on ps5. When is xcom 3?!


Metro Exodus
R6 Siege
Just Cause 4
DOOM Eternal

DeusFever75d ago

Control has a PS5 version. It was “free” with PS+ in February.

isarai75d ago

Nah Just Cause 4 is glitched, for some reason runs at 720p on ps5.

isarai75d ago

Not sure why the disagrees, i own the game, you can google it and see everyone has the same issue


At least the frame rate is stable

SullysCigar76d ago

Came hear expecting Blood & Truth to have been missed off the list.

Left surprised and pleased to see such an awesome upgrade duly acknowledged by the author.

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