Deathloop: First look at extended gameplay

Rewind time to cheat death, lock in gear to use in future loops, and upgrade abilities by killing bosses more than once.

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Sonyslave381d ago

Look nice wish they show a different level.

RaidenBlack81d ago

Just curious: Was this game really not possible on PS4? Does it have to be PS5 only?

NeoGamer23281d ago

Outside of Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart I am not sure there have been any games that are "not doable" on PS4. In order for a game to need PS5 it needs to take advantage of the new memory size, new NVMe drives, or extra processing from the CPU. Graphically, I think any game could be on PS4 if the resolution and detail was dumbed down enough.

You have to remember that a lot of these games (this one included) ships on PC. And there are a lot of PCs out there that are not latest and greatest. with NVMe drives and such. You are not going to see a lot of games for at least 2+ years that could not be done on PS4.

When a developer or publisher says the game could only be done on PS5, 95% of the time they are just lying.

CoNn3rB81d ago

From what we've seen of the game so far I'm guessing that it all takes place on one map rather than over several levels. Probably why we haven't been shown different places that much

darthv7281d ago

It looks like a blend of Dishonored meets No-one lives forever (or Austin Powers).

itsmebryan81d ago

Reminded me of No one lives forever too.

81d ago
gamesftw25081d ago

Dishonored meets guns for me

-Foxtrot81d ago

While the game looks good, that state of play was terrible

First one after E3 and that was it?

You’d think they’d want to impress first time round

blackblades81d ago

I press the disagree button for reasons which im not gonna get into by the way press the disagree button just to be clear.

-Foxtrot81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Seriously...don't give a shit

I know people like to give Sony the benefit of the doubt on here but come on, like I said, first show after E3 especially after Microsofts E3 offerings, they needed to give at least one little surprise, even if it was announcing that Bluepoint was part of their studios (if true).

Deathloop looks great but they've shown it so many times

If Microsoft showed this as a show, they'd be getting slaughtered now.

Babadook781d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I was only expecting death loop footage. Not an e3 presentation. I’m assuming Sony is waiting for a bigger state of play later in summer though. And IMO the forbidden west footage that dropped before e3 would be game of the show.

Lightning Mr Bubbles81d ago

@ -Foxtrot

I get it, but they never said it was going to be anything different. If they announced it as a closer look at Deathloop and if you were expecting FF16 or God of War, then that's your fault. They never said this was their answer to E3 or anything like that.

81d ago
Teflon0281d ago


If they specified like Sony does with the state of plays what will be shown. No they wouldn't.

Sony is VERY open about what will show at state of plays. They literally said do not expect any titles like Horizon, God of War or Gran Turismo at this state of play. Just a few Indies and Deathloop which the whole thing will be about half an hour. That's exactly what you got. If you don't wanna look into what the presentation is. That's on you. It was made very clear. If you don't believe me. Look at the PS Blog announcement post

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GaboonViper81d ago

I thought it was a decent show, but i really want Sony to announce their big summer showcase now, getting really impatient, and after that dull as dishwater E3 Sony need to bring it big time.


I enjoyed it personally as I'm interested in Sifu, Lost Judgment, and Death Stranding: Director's Cut. Any show where you see 3-4 games that you'd buy Day 1 is a win IMO.

Profchaos81d ago

E3 is a relic of a bygone era the E3 just passed was dismal outside of the Xbox presentation.
Ubi literally announced and showed off more in the lead up than their actual show
EA was absent
Nintendo did their digital showcase as usual but it wasn't an official E3 event
Sony was absent
Square didn't excite anyone
Devolver digital just did what they usually do
Take two did a business press conference with 0 games and a bunch of talk about respect in the workplace.

Xbox was the only team that showed up

E3 as much as I loved it is dead or it's now a yearly ms showcase at this point but there's a chance they will just pull out and save money by hosting their own event next year

Plus Sony has their own conference yearly now to

Darkborn81d ago

It was kind of funny that Microsoft finally went to E3 determined and not a single other publisher cared so they won by default lol.

King_Noctis81d ago

“ E3 is a relic of a bygone era the E3 just passed was dismal outside of the Xbox presentation.”

You do realize 2020 was an unprecedented year for all of us right? Alot of games development was hit hard by covid. Next year once the crowded allowed to go back, it will likely be much better.


What did MS won? Was there a trophy I didn’t know of?

EverydayJoe81d ago

E3 has been on the decline for at about 5 years now. Can't blame that one on Covid

Teflon0281d ago

MS is literally the only reason E3 had relevance this year. They actually showed up and everyone else was a complete disaster smh

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SegaSaturn66981d ago

The only things that looked good to me were the Sega games.

That Jett game seems to encapsulate everything bad about no man's sky.

monkey60281d ago

I actually thought the State of Play was solely dedicated to DeathLoop so I didnt bother watching it. Now I see there's a few updates to some games I might look in to.

Elda81d ago

I agree. I'm interested to play Fist,the artistic style reminds me somewhat of Biomutant. I'll probably get DS(Directors Cut) & Deathloop but those are games I already know about. Everything else shown in the State Of Play today was lackluster.

arkard81d ago

It was never billed as any big thing. They stated exactly what it was. You didn't like it that's fine, but it's exactly what they said it was going to be.

neutralgamer199281d ago


I think the thing is there were so many rumors and leaks right after E3 that Sony were planning something big and to have this show right after is no doubt a disappointment. I don't care what anybody says because this is just my opinion but I feel like at least have one big conference of where you show some of the games which are coming in a year or two with few surprises

God of war E3
Shenmue 3 FF7 TLG E3(the emotions on those attending and the internet reaction to shenmue 3 was unreal)

They have 25 games in development with half being new IP's. I really do think bluepoint games are doing MGS remake why would you not announce it? Even if it's years away look at outer worlds 2 which was announced and the developers themselves admitted they had nothing ready

Sayai jin81d ago

@Fox, i know Skny has some blockbusters coming to thr platform, but yeah, I agree. My son snd I had a similar thiught after watching the latest State of play.

ocelot0781d ago

They told us days in advance what they where going to be showing. Deathloop and inidies. It was fine for what it is. They said they will be showing more of God of War and PSVR2 and other stuff over the summer.

ScootaKuH81d ago

Yeah the state of play was crap. Then again I think Deathloop looks crap as well

brewin81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

yeah you would think they'd want to come out swinging especially after congratulating Microsoft on the great E3 they had. Seems they're willing to just rest on their laurels. As long as we get Horizon this year I couldn't give a s*** about anything else!

It does seem they're getting cocky again though like they did after the PS2 era. Seems they're just willing to let the hype of the PS5 not being available get them through the first year or two.

Kavorklestein80d ago

Completely agree this was meh as heck for a state of play.

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Rambokind81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

It's Dishonored with some minor tweaks. Was it even necessary to make this game?

81d ago
KillBill81d ago

I have to assume you have never played Dishonored or have no real clue what Deathloop is all about?

masterfox81d ago

Hmmm this looks very average.

EverydayJoe81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

The voice acting is F'n awful

ScootaKuH80d ago

Agree. I never did like the look of it since it was first announced

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