Test Freaks: Samsung Propel SGH-a767 Review

Test Freaks writes: "Ah cellphones, I love them, they come in all shapes and sizes, most with too many features to count. I personally think it's great for the consumer with all of these companies trying to one up their competition as we get the most features for our cash, and it seems they just keep adding more and more of them.

So, it's time for yet another cellphone review, this time I've got another from our friends over at Samsung called the Propel. It's a slider phone of a different sort as when you slide it you reveal a full QWERTY keyboard to make sending text messages and overall text input much easier. The Propel is a fairly lightweight phone even though it is rather large, it's got excellent call quality, great battery life and it even takes good pictures. It's an all around great little phone that anyone who types a lot will appreciate and even if you don't I think you'll like having a full keyboard only a slide away."

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