Soapbox: Why I'm Less Excited for Deathloop on PS5 Than I Should Be

As State of Play looms.

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neutralgamer1992817d ago

Sure that's fine there are so many other games which are being released on weekly basis we all have different games we like different types so just enjoy something else that you are more interested in

Flawlessmic817d ago

To be honest when i firat saw and heard about, i wasnt interested at all. But the more iv seen of it the more im thinking this gonna be a day 1 purchase.

Each to his own though, definitely is not a game for everyone, or even myself for that matter generally speaking

jznrpg817d ago

Yeah it looks pretty good to not bad but not Sony first party good . I’ll probably play it at some point but I’d guess it will be a PS plus game at some point or super cheap used around the timed deal is over to add to my physical collection . It’s not a day one must have game to me for sure but I’ll probably play it someday , I think , maybe lol .

Zeref817d ago

It looks a lot like dishonored, it must be set in the same universe or something cuz the protagonist is using 2 of the exact same powers as in dishonored.

blackblades817d ago (Edited 817d ago )

No they are not in the same universe going by they had the tattoos this guy dont but who knows they could be just different times like future. Some of the same power yeah because its the same team that did dishonored. Just think of it as dishonored meets rogue-like.

Zeref817d ago

Yeah that's what i'm saying it might be set in the Dishonored universe but in the future.

I guess we'll see when the game comes out.

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walken7275d ago

Daily videogame writes: we bought our way to the front of N4G for the 1000th time.

S2Killinit275d ago

Not sure what you mean. But I think there is a policy to allow sales articles to jump quickly to the headlines so that people can see them before the sale is done. (If that is what puzzled you)

SonyStyled275d ago

I think I have $10 in credits and got a $50 gift card as a holiday gift. I might find a store so I can see what I’m buying


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anast330d ago

Everyone knows it's not a 9.

HyperMoused330d ago

With no FPS out now, is this worth getting? ive seen some really mixed reviews

IanTH329d ago (Edited 329d ago )

If you like the kind of games Arkane tends to put out, it's not a bad option. It is, IMO, not as good an overall game as Dishonored or Prey, but it is pretty fun. The largest downside I found to the game was that there just weren't enough maps, so it got samey pretty quick.

The loop mechanic doesn't feel particularly well implemented, since you're always going back to a map selection screen after retreating to your bunker. It doesn't really feel like a time loop mechanic any more than choosing a level off the hub map in a Mario game. It kinda keeps the whole thing from completely gelling, so even tracking quests across maps and times feels a bit disconnected/disjointed.

But ultimately it is still a decent game. I got it in last month's Humble Choice and played it for about 15 hours or so. I'm not finished, and I keep going back to try to finish it up, but tend to have a hard time mustering the will to. Part of that is the repetition, part of that is the weird quests that span across maps and times thing.

I hope they try for a Deathloop 2, where there are more maps/biomes, but they figure out how to stitch it into more of an open world that, on top of that, actually adheres to an overarching "real time" like game clock. I think that would make the game far more compelling.