Club Penguin DS developer interview

What They Play writes:

Not only does Disney's newly released Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force take ideas from the popular online game and bring them to the Nintendo DS, but it's also one of the most charming and interesting DS titles we've played this year. Far more than a collection of minigames themed after a popular franchise, it's a large, full-featured adventure game that should appeal to gamers of all ages. We spoke to Jennifer Vaux, the producer on the game, and asked her more about the popular franchise, the challenges of bringing the virutal world to a handheld device, and the influences that the team drew from to create it.

Talk us through the gestation of Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force - how it moved from virtual world, to console title.

Jennifer Vaux: When we were tasked with creating a Club Penguin game for the DS, we faced a challenge: we had to stay true to the Club Penguin brand, but also create a unique player experience for the DS. Our production team went to Club Penguin's head office in Canada and met with their team to really understand what the brand's core values are and how we can respect their audience. We knew that they have a very devoted fan base that we did not want to let down, and we were committed to creating a game that would have elements from the virtual world and would extend the experience beyond the computer. After brainstorming ideas, we decided to take the player deeper into the world's mythology and create an adventure game designed in a similar fashion to Club Penguin's online missions.

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