Xbox Game Pass cloud's future is touch-based games, so where are they?

Xbox Game Pass is long-touted as the vehicle Microsoft will use to drive further engagement in its gaming ecosystem. Microsoft has an opportunity to find a mountain of new users on touch-based devices. With that in mind, why is there so little investment on that side of the business right now?

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MIDGETonSTILTS17628d ago

Oh, you just wait until next year, shiz gonna be cray ;)

Just wait, and keep subscribing to game pass until then.

MadLad628d ago

I will, because it's a great service I use on the regular.

King_Noctis627d ago

What do you want people to wait for?

MIDGETonSTILTS17627d ago

Touch-based games, per the article

King_Noctis627d ago

The are over 50 touch-based games on Gamepass. Stop acting like there are none.

Tacoboto628d ago

This is an odd article. There are over 50 touch games already. Something is there from many different genres.

The service just got browser (most importantly- iOS) support out of beta and they just got Series X servers. Microsoft consistently markets this first and foremost for controller-based input.

Which is good - why push *now* for screen-obscuring inputs when there is still much room for improvement to be made with latency?

TheGreatGazoo30627d ago

Not sure what you mean by "little investment." MS has all the tools for developers to add touch and even customize how the controls appear. They can have the word "jump" replace the A button for instance. Developers just need to add the features.