You now need to be 19+ to play Minecraft in South Korea

Minecraft is usually rated for ages 7 and up and is a hit with children all over the world. This would also be the case in South Korea, but instead you now have to be 19+ to play it.

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Espangerish78d ago

By that system how old do you need to be to play GTAV? Jeez

VenomUK78d ago

It seems weird as South Korea is a modern, affluent democratic society open to western culture. So I read the story and it says this has come about because Microsoft now requires an Xbox Live login to play the game where there a requirement to be 19. It says the government has criticised MS for not making adjustments

“The regulation was first put into action all the way back in 2011, but it hasn't been an issue until December 2020 because Microsoft now requires an Xbox Live account--which requires users to certify if they're 19 years or older--to play Minecraft Java Edition. Before the change, users didn't have to verify their ages and could then play as long as they wanted.”

sourOG78d ago

I’m against that kind of intrusion on personal rights but I understand it. Kids kids okay but 19? LOL. Some cultures have strict schooling, I get it. Where as others like the US couldn’t give a shit less. People graduate and can’t even read. It’s not video games causing it, it’s our education system. This policy is totalitarian and wrong in my view but I also acknowledge the results. I used to be a free market guy but society is just too f***ing stupid for free markets. People need to be herded. If you want freedom you have to accept the absolute chaos and dumbass people that come with it.


Lol, yeah. It’s addictive, no matter how family friendly it is.

annoyedgamer78d ago

Tyranny is making a comeback worldwide.

Ninver78d ago

Well atleast parents won't have to worry about their kids sneaking off with credit cards to buy mt.

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