Tune in to State of Play this Thursday for an extended look at Deathloop

From PSBlog: "We’ve seen Cole’s head-spinning powers in action before, but this Thursday we’ll get a nine-minute look at Deathloop’s time-twisted world as part of a new State of Play. The show kicks off at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 11pm CEST, viewable on Twitch or YouTube.

In this extended gameplay sequence, we’ll see Cole use his abilities to stealthily skulk across rooftops… or go in guns blazing to create a whole lot of mayhem. Lots of options available on Blackreef Island."

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melons76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Shame it's not a full fat State of Play as hoped, had been looking forward to a reel of new PS games. Still excited to check this out though! .

EDIT: oh apparently there will be indies stuff as well

Hellcat202076d ago

Hopefully release date for Little Devil Inside

The Wood75d ago

Feels like I've been waiting for an eternity for that game. Stylish af

CaptainHenry91676d ago (Edited 76d ago )

They're having another event in August. It's already been leaked. I also believe they'll show the PSVR2

Teflon0276d ago

I think they'll show psvr2 closer to release. They've mostly been using state of play to show things that are closer to release so unless it's a pointless trailer I doubt that'll end up showing. I'd expect one will be for Kena and a Horizon release date

Notellin75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Can't wait for PSVR2. But I think Sony might wait a little longer before an announcement.

jznrpg75d ago

Yeah I’ve seen that email for PSVR2 . I don’t know that it’s a show it says a summit it may be for creators only ???

BLAKHOODe75d ago

I took it that the August event was an invite only event for developers to check out PSVR2, which we'll probably see leaks from. It's still looking like a Holiday 2022 release for PSVR2.

OB1Biker75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

'It's already been leaked'
Oh I see. Insiders stuff...(actually people who read the announcement and try figure)
 'Stay tuned throughout the summer though, as we’ll have more updates soon. '

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seanpitt2375d ago

If Sony are having a big press conference like type E3 as rumours suggest, then why would they do this why not just wait and show this at that event, this tells me that there will be no conference at all.

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

They did renew the PSX trademark for a reason. My source I follow is pretty legit. It's just a matter of time. Sony has 25 new games in development. I'm not saying the event will happen in August but I will say I can guarantee it will be a big event this year.

CaptainHenry91675d ago (Edited 75d ago )

"Stay tuned throughout the summer though, as we’ll have more updates soon" Playstation Blog

I know what that means🤔

NeoGamer23275d ago

It is interesting. We are less then 5 months before black Friday, and PS is pretty much crickets about when Horizon Forbidden West will release, and they hold a state of play for one game and a bunch of indies.

When is PS going to show the holiday lineup in its entirety? I can't wait for that!

glennhkboy75d ago

I suppose that IS THE WHOLE LINEUP in its entirety. &GoT Director Cut.

NeoGamer23274d ago

I doubt that is the whole PS lineup for the holidays.

brewin75d ago

Well this is supposedly 30 minutes and they say that Deathloop is only 9 minutes of the show. Plenty of time to showcase some other stuff and possibly reveal a thing or 2. With the recent bad press surrounding indies and their issues with Sony, I bet a good chunk of this will be focusing on some indie titles.

blackblades75d ago

Guess rumors were right about the date only.

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kenpachi76d ago

" This will not include Gow, Horizon or next generation VR"

Furesis76d ago

You missed "Stay tuned throughout the summer though, as we’ll have more updates soon"
so expect something within these coming months

tombfan76d ago

Yup, he missed that crucial point.

Hellcat202076d ago

I'm still not sold on this game.
Maybe this will change my mind one way or the other

itsmebryan75d ago

I'm interested in learning more about the game also.


I’m not a big fan of Arkane games, largely because I don’t like having supernatural powers in a stealth game. (I was happy to at least be able to choose to forgo the magic powers in Dishonored 2). With that said, they seem to be making great use of the Dualsense. I’m glad Sony paid a studio a check to make sure they got some good support for their controller in its first year. This is definitely a game with alotta potential for it.

poppatron76d ago

I really like the supernatural powers, I’ve neither the stealth skill or patience to get really into something that’s just straight up stealth. To be fair I was a little of sick of it by the first dishonoured and most of my encounters ended in a blood bath, dishonoured 2 I faired a little better. I think deathloop is a little more action anyway. I hope it is anyway