NZGamer: BioShock DLC Preview

NZGamer writes: "Now that PS3 owners finally have their eager little hands on Bioshock, they have been treated to an exclusive downloadable add-on for their patience. Designed purely for the PS3 console, the downloadable content features new locations, mission objectives and artwork previously unseen in the world of Rapture.

The DLC comes in the form of three Challenge Rooms, or levels that will test your skills in different ways. The first one, titled "A Shocking Turn of Events" is a thinking mans level, requiring quick wits and puzzle solving. A Little Sister is trapped atop a Ferris wheel in an undisclosed location in the watery world of Rapture. You must use any tools you can find and the environment around you to bring her to safety. The carnival theme of this level looks impressively creepy and opens up the chance to even play fairground games in stalls around the Ferris Wheel."

The Good: Hey, it's exclusive content! That's always a sweet deal.

The Bad: Isn't quite the same BioShock we all love.

The Ugly: Xbots and their rebuttals to the exclusivity agreement.

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