Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is what Pokemon should have been

In 2017, Capcom released Monster Hunter Stories, a game that many overlooked due simply to the fact it was tied to the dying Nintendo 3DS in the Switch Era. It had its flaws, mostly due to a seemingly random combat system that punished players for not knowing very specific patterns, as well as the Monster customization options essentially being locked away until the end game. Let’s not even mention the terrible 3DS resolution. Despite this, Monster Hunter Stories was modern Capcom‘s respectable first stab at the Pokemon clone genre.

Fortunately, the lower than expected sales of this first entry didn’t doom the spin-off to oblivion. Some fine tuning of the combat mechanics, a slightly more matured story, a more palatable art direction, and some HD graphics slapped on to boot, and Capcom would have a Pokemon clone capable of generating decent sales. But they didn’t stop there…

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gouku1377d ago

It's a matter of quality over quantity. I fell in love with this game as soon as I saw the Aptanoth kinship attack. Lol

Lore77d ago

They need to release this series on Playstation


It's Capcom. They like money. I'm sure a 4K/60fps version with all the DLC included will come to the PS5/Series X at some point.

Lore77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I would agree but the first one came out in 2017 and still no release yet. I’m curious if Nintendo paid for permanent console exclusivity.

VersusDMC77d ago

At least they are releasing a PC version at the same time for this one...

patrick176d ago

This seems like a game built directly for handheld and to compete with Pokemon. It'll get us better games from gamefreak if they sell well.

PlebeGamer76d ago

We can only hope, but Game Freak really dug themselves into a hole with their ever expanding roster. Now when they try to shrink it, fans will whine and complain. People will say that another remake of G1 is a bad idea, but they really need to go back to the originals and just shine it up to modern standards with new mechanics they'll actually build on instead of Battle Frontier'ing them from the series.

FinalFantasyFanatic77d ago

Played the demo yesterday and fell in love with the game, it's good fun.

gouku1377d ago

Yeah, the graphics queens get an easily run PC versions with higher, silky smooth frame rates, and less technically oriented gamers can play the game on the go if or in shorter bursts throughout the day. Switch + PC is literally the best of both worlds when it comes to 1 console + PC release games.

VersusDMC77d ago

Why would they put more effort when they still make so much money just putting out. the same game? Or worse. Looking at the remakes coming out in November. It may be asking too much to redo everything in the style of Sword/Shield...but if you're not don't charge 60 and still release this 2 version nonsense.

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