I'm Dying 4 Dead Space: A Public Appeal For More Dead Space

COG writes: The Dead Space trilogy is arguably the best collection of space-based sci-fi horror games to ever grace gaming. It's time for a come back.

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CaptainHenry91684d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Microtransactions and payroll alert. The DS original developer's don't even work for EA anymore. The Callisto Protocol is the new Dead Space

Rambokind84d ago

As of late, they've dropped MTs from some of their games. I highly doubt they want to promote a game that will be filled with things people hate.

annoyedgamer84d ago

The new Battlefield says hi

DarXyde84d ago

Hypothetically, if a new Dead Space were announced and released to critical acclaim, people would be best to wait at least a month and see what EA does.

I genuinely hate this idea because they would take the early commercial failure as an indication that "single player is dead" or whatever... But the reason to recommend waiting is because you really don't know if they're going to hit you with ads or implement microtransactions later on.

Love Dead Space, but with the original talent gone and EA being who they are, there's plenty of reason in that arc of a story why you should approach with caution

Seraphim84d ago

when all this intrigue over the Dead Space youtube channel changing it's avatar... my first reaction was this is a remaster at best. Second was, even if it's a new game I don't trust any team at, nor EA in general to deliver on a Dead Space game. Not to say there aren't some great developers or teams at EA. Having recently played it, Jedi Fallen Order was a pretty solid game. though I do have gripes like what a pita it is to have to traverse all the maps for collectibles because there's not even 1 or 2 strategically placed fast travel points and [somewhat trivial] but could've used just a touch more polish imo.

Having said that part of me feels like a reboot of sorts would be nice. Assuming EA actually gave the right developer not only the resources but all the time necessary to make not only a great title but a well polished one as well. Dead Space was a gem. Though short lived t's really a shame EA shifted from these games, again, and went back to being the old EA. End of the day seeing is believing. So I still wouldn't trust EA until the game launches and is in the hands of gamers and there's ample video available for me to buy in and see for myself.

BigMalk84d ago Show
THEzRude84d ago

Better yet. I'm hoping for GOOD Dead Space game. They can make dead spaces but whats the point if its poo.

Gatsu84d ago

It's like people already forgot how EA fucked over the original developers. I love DS, but it is bullshit, that they cancel Visceral Games and now are suddenly making a new game. Such an asshole thing to do imo and kinda kills some of the excitement here.

Giblet_Head84d ago

Not the first time either. They did the same thing to Pandemic Studios.

annoyedgamer84d ago

And Maxis. And Danger Close.

Rambokind84d ago

They did, and it was wrong and its why they have such a terrible rep. But if they somehow redeem themselves with a solid reimagining of a great game, then I'm in.

LordMaim83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

And Bullfrog. And Origin, Westwood... actually it would be faster to name all the studios that EA hasn't killed yet.

annoyedgamer84d ago

Callisto Protocol is made by the original developers. And its not from EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.