5 Reasons We Need Days Gone 2

Days Gone will not be getting a sequel to the 2019 PS4 title, here are five reasons it should do.

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Knightofelemia76d ago

They should I would buy the sequel day one I love the game it's one of my favorite titles.

Darkborn76d ago

Same here it was really fun.

Bathyj76d ago

You'll get it when they're ready to make it.

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andy8576d ago

Such a great game. Many people were put off by the slow start. Stick with it! It becomes so much better

JackBNimble76d ago

I was off put by the control mechanics to the point of deleting the game. I felt they were clunky and awkward and I just couldn't get use the them.

Maybe if I paid for the game I might have forced my way through it but admittedly I got it on ps+, I simply didn't like Days gone.

jznrpg76d ago

That was my issue with it at the start . I would do a mission or 2 and put it down and come back . After I finally got my faction standings up to 2 and unlocked some good weapons and upgrades my bike it really started to be more fun . It’s an awesome game but the start is sluggish but get past that initial slow start and it really starts to be fun . I like that the character is not the most likeable guy in the world and a bit awkward , he’s going and gone through some shit who’s going to be mr happy go lucky ??? Cool game .

anast76d ago

The first one is a lot of fun. I do whish there was a way to turn off Deacon's self chatter. Other than that no complaints.

ocelot0776d ago

The chatter to him self am fine with. However a few things needs to be improved for a second. For example last night I got chased by a hord right outside one of the settlements. So I ran back towards the settlement gates. The security started shooting and then the hord vanished in thin air.

Raider ambushers again right outside settlements that does not make any sense.

Riding around during the day it can come across as empty. A bit more human encounters would be nice. Maybe get chased by raiders on bikes.

For a game that revolves around a guy with a motorbike. Their is not a lot of customisation for the bike. Being able to find or build or buy a new bike would be cool.

I know the game is mostly about the bike and all. But maybe allow some cars to be accessable.

anast76d ago

Those are all good points. I have to replay it sometime.

ocelot0776d ago

@anast thank you and even though these are all point that can be improved. It's still a fun game r ally enjoying it.

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The story is too old to be commented.