Why Outriders, Anthem, and Marvel’s Avengers could never touch Destiny 2

I’ve played a lot of Destiny 2. A cursory glance at my time wasted on Destiny 2 profile shows I’ve sank at least 600 hours into the game. I think it’s probably higher, but a good portion of my playtime through Activision’s launcher seems to have disappeared.

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Elda77d ago

I've been playing Outriders endgame which was fun but now the good loot is hard to get so now it's becoming a little boring. I have the latest expansions for Destiny 2 but I only play from time to time. I played a little last night,I still haven't finished all the quests in Shadowkeep.

Storm2377d ago

I have never played any of them. Which would you recommend more between outriders and destiny 2?

Elda77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I like them both. Try both & see if you like them. You can play Destiny 2 for free the later expansions for the game will cost you. Including there's a pretty big Outriders demo for free as well.

TheSaint77d ago

Destiny is 'free to play', though you don't get too much for free sadly.

But at least you can give it a go and see if it's for you.

SeTTriP77d ago

Destiny hands down.the best shooting mechanics on the market imo.

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Destiny is the blueprint on how a live service looter shooter should be done. Alot of people hate on Destiny but it's still going strong and that's for a reason. It's not perfect by any means but it offers lots of content and things to do weekly. Then you have a very solid PVP (thank God stasis got nerfed) which adds to the overall package. Excellent guns, graphics and gameplay make Destiny the best looter shooter out there at the moment. Division 2 was good but severe lack of content, weak seasonal items and only two raids since launched killed it for me.

--Onilink--77d ago

It does not have a very solid PvP tbh. Outside of PvP continuously being a source of complications on how to balance the game overall (even with Bungie finally doing separate balancing from PvE from time to time), when was the last time Bungie added a new map? Or a new mode?

Its not as terribly ignored as Gambit, yet for some reason Bungie continues to treat it as an afterthought (and yet it consumes so much balancing time)


True that Bungie has not added a new map in years however that does not take away from the quality of the pvp itself. As far as Gambit is concerned if they removed it I couldn't careless. It's wasted resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. Destiny's PVP is better than ANY other live service looter shooter out there imo .

neutralgamer199277d ago

It took Bungie until taken king just to get things right and they have been improving ever since. At launch destiny wasn't great

Rude-ro77d ago

The only consistent great thing about destiny is the game engine.
PvP has not been updated for two years and counting.
Pve core grind has not been updated outside of one strike for two years.
The activities and loot do not respect the players time.
The armor is next to impossible to get s-tier stat builds on leaving players with low possibilities per each activity vs having builds for each activity.
To date… destiny consumers have lost access to more content than given per the asking seasonal charge and yearly $40 expansion.

Yes.. there are “things” to do…
But you are blindly ignoring what is plaguing destiny.

The game engine is far superior and cohesive over the other looter shooters.. that is the most addicting aspect.
The dungeons and raids raise the bar…
The constant hands on your character builds that connection better than any other game currently.

D3TH_D33LR77d ago

Destiny still has far too much of an issue for me with its delivery and emphasis on fear of missing out because the games story cannot be enjoyed unless you grind or log in the day a specific quests becomes available and if you’re not there to enjoy the content, it gets sunset before you know it. I used to play destiny religiously from the first games alpha up until shadowkeep. I dipped a bit with forsaken and just stopped after Shadowkeep. The seasons constantly felt like I was wasting my time with level caps being pushed every drop and new changes to how gear would work or the waste of time transmog system. Idk, ive enjoyed my time playing other games that’s for sure. I felt like I missed so much grinding destiny only to feel like it was constantly wasting my time with every new update. Bring back the old formula of strikes, missions and large expansions. I could care less if the die hard 14 hr play session streamers grind through the content in a week. I want to enjoy the game at my pace again. This live service seasonal formula demands far too much your time

Rude-ro77d ago

100% this
A players time is not respected due to bungie trying to capitalize on a “players time” financially.
Your comment is exactly the issue with the game…
However.. what it does right, via addiction.. is untouched amongst other looter style games.

SinisterKieran77d ago destiny 2 considered a good game now?

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Angyobangyo77d ago

Anthem, during development were not to talk or compare it to destiny. When brought up devs were shot down by higher ups. Not learning from a successful competitor sets you up for failure.

Outriders, let’s make a coop shooter with looter elements but it’s totally not like destiny but kind of is even though we said it not, then let’s make the drop rates extremely low even though this isn’t supposed to be like an online looter shooter like destiny but is….and nerf a character for being too good even though there’s no competitive element in the game.

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