Leaked July PS Now Lineup Adds Red Dead Redemption 2, Nioh 2, God of War, And More

PS Now titles for July 2021 have leaked thanks to a Facebook Ad.

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NeoGamer232700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

Nice! I haven't played Nioh 2 and Judgement yet!

Eonjay700d ago

These titles are all download enabled too. Not bad

Highrevz700d ago

That’s a great line up of games but I’m surprised God of War wasn’t already on there.

PlayStationBrah700d ago

It was originally a timed game, now it joins the service permanently.

LucasRuinedChildhood700d ago (Edited 700d ago )

This is the first great lineup for PS Now in a long while. More games are being added than usual as well which seems like an increased commitment to the service.

Given that this improved lineup is dropping in July (the month that they're likely going to give us some big announcements), it makes you wonder what's around the corner. They will need to add PS5 games at some point, even just to compete with themselves (PS Plus).

Lexreborn2700d ago

I called it months ago that Red Dead was going to be on PS Now after it expired on game pass. I said it before as much as people like to act like PS Now isn’t similar to game pass. It’s game collection rotates to almost the exact same trends as gamepass but it’s cheaper.

Watch Soul Calibur 6 and Monster hunter be next.

InUrFoxHole700d ago

Now if they could score some day 1 titles, or add 1st party day 1

neutralgamer1992700d ago

They don't need to because they have so much of the market share that the publishers make half of their income from PlayStation sometimes even more

If I am not wrong UBI made 80% of their revenue from PlayStation last year

InUrFoxHole699d ago

I bet you sony will follow suit with GP ultimate. They did the same as charging for PSN and bringing 1st party to PC. Sony always seems behind the power curb when it comes to expanding the brand. They have the market that's why they're dragging their feet. Imo of course

chiefJohn117700d ago

GP has had RDR2 for months now is super late

TheColbertinator699d ago

Not really. Games like RDR2 and GTAV consistently sell month after month so any time is a good time to bring them to Gamepass, PS Now or any streaming service.