PlayStation Partner Haven Studios Gets Logo As Team Continues Expansion

PlayStation Partner studio, Jade Raymond's Haven Studios has updated its LinkedIn page with a logo as the team is continuing to expand.

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Majin-vegeta154d ago

I feel like Sony will picking up these guys up along with the Deviation games sooner or later

Sonic-and-Crash154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

i dont think so ...must proven themselves ....and Raymond has not a good record (she was only manager (not even designer) at AC nothing else )...even her twitter bio says "i help teams make games" --aka i m the manager of the manager that is managing the managment)

imo is a waste of experimantal money from Sony ot see what thei re capable off. .if ever smthing finished from their studio

is the only person and studio that i mnot happy that Sony pays them to develop a game

Nakiro154d ago

Let's just wait and see what they deliver.
IT sounds like you're basing your entire opinion of the studio on one person that works there.

CosmicTurtle154d ago

Presumably a plan was pitched to Sony, they probably liked what was tabled and will be aware of who is doing what on the team and their relative experience.

RaidenBlack154d ago

Are they making single-player game or MP like Deviation?

lellkay154d ago

I'm very skeptical of this one. I'm half expecting a flop.

neomahi154d ago

Yeah, Jade Raymonds yesterdays news. Ya get older and ya lose that touch after a while. Shes probably creating a studio with the intention of selling it in todays market and trend, but Sony history shows you have to have a history with Sony for acquisition, but this has, lets call it, sell out to Microsoft written all over it, and Microsoft has the throw away money to buy her off just to spite Sony.

Its kind of like the rumor of Kojima working with Microsoft right now, and the proof of this lies within the story of Insomniac. Kojima apparently has to get this "work exclusively with Microsoft" out of his system. Developers that have been with Sony long term and know how they operate go to Microsoft thinking the grass is greener on the otherside only to find it wasnt at all what it was cracked up to be and Sony knew what they were doing all along. Like when the Amish send their kids out to live when theyre 21, and their kids come back traumatized. Kojima will realize he made a bad move, that Microsoft screwed him over making his game a day 1 Game Pass game and that his experience and prowess in the games industry is cheapened by a game made free to play and his bank account takes a hit and his employees suffer where PlayStation makes him $60 per game and his reputation synonomous with PlayStation, not Xbox, and he'll go crawling right back to PlayStation. See, Game Pass is still in its infancy, it isnt tried and true yet, its still just a promise by Microsoft, who are still experimenting with it. But just like Insomniac were quick to return to PlayStation, so too will Kojima, he'll see the light but he thinks this will be exactly what it is, Microsoft just has him seeing dreams, they suckered him, and hes gonna see that and regret it ling term. Especially when sales take off and manufacturing returns to normal and PlayStation again outsells Xbox 5:1 with PlayStation again having the highest fanbase with more gamers to get your game into their hands.