Mad Tracks Update, New Screenshots

Mad Tracks is a racing game in which you will play with toy cars in everyday environments like a restaurant, a mini golf, a toy store and much more. These toy cars are equipped with spring engines that need some reloading. When you accelerate, stored power goes down. When you release the accelerator, power goes up again.You will have to manage your engine stored power to complete certain challenges.

Your main task is still to drive around and have fun with the 12 pick ups and power ups. Mad Tracks is not a plain racing game. Some of the game is racing (all types of races), the other part is made of mini games like mini golf, foosball or pool table. You will battle on 15 different challenges in unique environments and it's up to you to be the best (or just have fun).

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Cyclonus6189d ago

uh, what system is this coming out on ? GBA? PS2?....wii?

cuz it sure as sh1t dont look like a 360 game.


clayton6189d ago

It's a Xbox Live arcade game, duh. Arcade games aren't supposed to look next-gen.

Cyclonus6189d ago

But if it is, who says Live Arcade games have to look like feces?

MONTY 1876188d ago

I think this looks well as an arcade game!! much fun as long as its out within the next 20 years:/

PS360PCROCKS6189d ago

LMAO, like feces, it's a arcade game

clayton6189d ago

I have read articles on it, it is a xbox live arcade game retard, look it up on google. I swear these people on these sites get more ignorant with each passing day.

Cyclonus6189d ago

why should I have to Google anything. It should say Live Arcade game HERE, otherwise one could logically assume its a retail game. It doesn't mention ANYWHERE on either this site, or in the Teamxbox article about it being Arcade. It only says(xbox360).So how can I be ignorant for giving an opinion based on avaliable information. If it had said "this is for XBLA", you'd have a point, but it doesn't say that so STFU.

In any case, it still looks bad no matter what it is.

Legionaire20056188d ago

Big deal if it's a arcade game or 360 game, as long as it's fun there is no problem. Not every 360 game will have photo realistic graphics. It's all about style and creativity. If you think every game should have good graphics than your looking for disappointment, because you will never be satisfied.

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