Dying Light Reveals Savy Gamer Bundle With A New Trailer And Image

Looks like an amazing set of offers for fans of the series to enjoy. Techland today releases a new, gamer-themed skin pack for Dying Light alongside an explosive new 4th of July event.

brewin705d ago

It amazes me how much they still support this game all these years later. It makes supporting Dying Light 2 on day 1 an easy decision! This is how you treat your fanbase right. A lot of greedy publishers should take notes from these great folks over at Techland!

Garethvk705d ago

Well said. It also appears they did not rush DL2. We saw it at E3 2019 and the fact that it will be 2.5 years later when it is released is hopefully a good sign.

brewin705d ago

Yeah they really took their time and did not rush out a sequel. I am happy about that! It looked good then but it looks great now! And they were able to support DL 1 the whole time, which is just amazing to me. Some of the DLC was not free sure, but a lot of it was and the stuff they charged for was usually worth the price. The Following introduced the buggy, which I had a blast with, I thought that was some great content and well worth the $20 I paid for it.

staticall705d ago

As far as i understand, this DLC costs money and not included in recent Platinum Edition of Dying Light (that supposed to have all the DLCs included). You can check for yourself on Steam store page.

Which is kind of BS move by publisher/developers. It doesn't cost that much, yes, but still.