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PlayStation Leaks Possible Bluepoint Acquisition

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment likely leaked the acquisition of Bluepoint.

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Community1084d ago
CamillaAddiction1084d ago

now we just wait for Kojima Production Acquisition

Majin-vegeta1084d ago

Theres also a rumored aquision of Arc systems work.

Viking_mo1084d ago

I saw that rumour too and apparently its late into the works. Would be a cool buy. They definitely need a fighting catalog of games

Relientk771084d ago

Sony buys EVO fighting tournament and now might buy Arc Systems Work who make fighting games. It makes sense.

DOMination-1084d ago

Interesting, I haven't seen that rumour but it would make sense as Sony have a gap for that genre and they made that acquisition a while back for the competitive esports brand.

Bluepoint makes perfect sense.. it was something that had been anticipated for while so good to see confirmation is close. They've now had over two generations of working together and always produced quality. It'll be interesting to see if they remain a remake studio or not.

DarXyde1084d ago

The Evo purchase is making a ton of sense now.

I would love a sequel to Hard Corps Uprising.

UltimateRacer1084d ago

@Relientk77 you summed it up perfectly, exactly what I was going to say.

bouzebbal1083d ago

My biggest wish is they acquire From Software.. Would be a lovely one

TriniOutsider1083d ago

I would prefer them to buy Arc, as Sony does somewhat own EVO now. They will at least need a fighting game.

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RaidenBlack1084d ago

Or atleast acquire the MGS, Silent Hill and Castlevania IPs from Konami.

Zhipp1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Konami isn't making games, but they're still making money from thoes IPs with their gacha machines and mobile titles. I don't think they'd be willing to sell. They might license them out for Sony or someone else to make their own games, though. That's the best I could hope for.

alb18991084d ago

How can that be possible?
Just MS buys Studios and talent!
That can't happened!
On n4g I learned that to buy Studios and talent is wrong and SONY won't do wrong..... hahaha!
Doble moral, hipócritas.

KillBill1084d ago

Not gonna lie. You have nailed the N4G vibe of late.

CosmicTurtle1084d ago


It is more complex than that though, sometimes a company can facilitate a company’s ambitions, I am sure Ninja Theory can do far more creatively with a triple A budget behind them under Microsoft. Would Returnal have existed without the close relationship with Sony? I doubt it. In contrast Bethesda are a company which held the resources to make something like Starfield prior to MS purchasing them. As gamers we don’t benefit as much. It might be a good business decision, it will likely benefit MS financially in their pursuit of a subscription model, unless you have shares in them why do you care. It’s like being excited that Amazon bought MGM? Whereas sometimes massive corporations Netflix and Amazon support a specific director and it ends up with an interesting idea being financed, like in the case of Okja, this film would likely not have existed otherwise.

uth111084d ago

Housemarque and Bluepoint only publish on playstation so no cross-platform franchises are lost, which is what people get upset about

DOMination-1084d ago

^ That statement isn't completely true for Housemarque who have developed on other platforms and even made several Xbox exclusives in the past.

Sitdown1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

Per reports, Housemarque, has only published two games and they also went to iOS (Furmins) and windows (Nex Machina) and then they have developed several games (Angry Birds, Outland, Golf: Tee It Up, Transworld Snowboarding) for the Xbox consoles. Where are you getting your information from? No need to just make up stuff. Now I will say Sony has published several of their titles.

S2Killinit1084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

You must be daft. People are upset because MS cannibalizes the industry instead of creating relationships or fostering its own studios. They went on a shopping binge because they had not built anything themselves. Sony is not guilty of this. They also foster relationships with the studios they purchase for generations. Whike this would still be cannabalizing its not as blatant as what MS has been doing. Add to that the fact that Sony is making these moves on the back of MS’s recent acquisitions and its clear who lead the way into this terrible precedent for the industry and the gamers.

But HEY lets just act like its only N4G.

Rude-ro1084d ago

I think you are more confused with Microsoft buying games for exclusivity and getting “credit” for “making” games. Ie monopolizing more than contributing.

As far as buying studios..
There is a very long snail trail of dead developing companies purchased and dismantled under Microsoft… I would just be nervous from being bought by Microsoft.
Obviously not those that are cashing in, but the entirety of the employees.

Charlieboy3331084d ago (Edited 1084d ago ) that when you were born because you sound senile. Most of Housmarque's and Bluepoint's games have been Playstation only. So buying them doesn't take anything away from other consoles. The same as when Microsoft bought Playground games. Did you hear any complaining from Playstation people when that happened? No.....because they were making Microsoft only games anyway. Bethesda used to make games for all platforms before Microsoft bought them and are now keeping games off Playstation that WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE otherwise. Can you understand? Are you able to? If Playstation bought Capcom for example and kept all the future games off Xbox that would also be a shitty move........but since MICROSOFT STARTED with the shitty moves I wouldn't blame them.

outsider16241084d ago

Name me some of the best games made for Ms by HM and BP and then come yapping your mouth.
Besides even if they did, you'll probably just have to google, probably never bought them for xbox.

ABizzel11084d ago

It's not the same at all.

Acquiring developers who have been 2nd party for numerous years is expected (for example Playground, Undead Labs, Housemarque, Bluepoint, Insomniac, etc...).

Acquiring independent developers like Ninja Theory, Compulsion, all these timed deals Sony has with these "New-Lecagy Studios" can be a surprise to some, but expected.

Buying an entire publisher (Bethesda) is concerning, it completely removes decades of multiplatform / legacy software from other platforms.

I wouldn't want that for anyone, but that's also why I'm multiplatform gamer as well, so it doesn't bother me.

BlackTar1871084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

You just compared two completely different things. I guess people like you are the reason the hottest xbox game/ feature for the last 4 years has been old games.

waverider1083d ago

Let me try to explain. To be the same of what Microsoft did. Sony would need to buy EA or Activision. Now imagined All of those games only on Sony consoles. What Sony did: Got studios that make games for Sony, exclusives after exclusives. There no spin here. But, i really would like that Sony bought Warner Bros or some big studio and then see all saying its fair taking multiplats from their biggest buyers.

ziggurcat1083d ago

There's a stark difference between acquiring a studio or two here, and there that have had long-standing relationships with Sony vs. buying an entire publisher, and locking out future iterations of countless multiplatform IPs from the competition, but also doing so while lying to everyone by saying they're still going to release games on other platforms (likely to keep the stock value from tanking before the deal was finalized).

BlackTar1871083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

lol @ alb and Killbill being completely owned. lmao you guys need to think through this stuff before you post and look well.............. D _ _ B

F0XH0UND9221083d ago

Somebody hasn't been playing attention lol Sony doesn't come out flashing it's wallet and they don't just buy studios outright. The studios they do buy come from long-term relationships that they usually help funded in some fashion. Fostering a working relationship first is important.

WelkinCole1083d ago

Beth is a well established big 3 party publisher. Very different from House and Bluepoint that are small have been doing mostly PS games.