Katana ZERO is Actually a Masterpiece

Katana ZERO is a Neo-Noir, action platformer by indie developer Askiisoft that doesn't get the credit it is due. It's a masterpiece and it deserves to be known.

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Stevonidas83d ago

Devolver Digital is probably my most favorite publisher ever. Katana ZERO, the Hotline Miami and Shadow Warrior series... So many great gems come from this publisher.

Highrevz83d ago

Fully agree.

Currently waiting for Deaths Door to release next month, expecting greatness from that also.

LucasRuinedChildhood83d ago

It was rated by the ESRB a few months ago for the PS4 as well. Been waiting a while to play this one.

Highrevz83d ago

Makes me happy to see the game get some mention. It blew me away and I couldn’t put the controller down.

The story and dialog is crazy but doesn’t feel out of place, it has a mix of horror and comedy.

The soundtrack is 10/10 and it’s something I listen to weekly.

Free DLC is still in the works and it’s apparently a lot bigger then originally planned.

I’d urge any to give this game a try. Put some headphones on and take your time with it.

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