Xbox Cloud Gaming: Now Running on Xbox Series X; Expanded PC and Apple Device Availability

Starting today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser, across 22 countries.

Additionally, Xbox Cloud Gaming is now powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware.

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1Victor90d ago

Nice I wonder if the iOS/mobile controller will work with other games outside game pass.
Am I the only one that saw the controller with the phone and though it look like a switch

Highrevz90d ago

That’s the Razer Kishi I believe. Haven’t tried them personally but I’m tempted to invest in one.

I like how they show a DS4 being used to show that you don’t need to have an Xbox controller to experience this.

Will be interesting to see how the servers hold up, I can see there being some issues today.

NeoGamer23290d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I have a Kishi for my Google Pixel....

All I have to say is, "AWESOME!". Best mobile add-on controller I ever bought for my phone (And I bought a bunch in my quest to properly game on my phone).

gamer780490d ago

i just use a attachment that holds my phone above my xbox controller, kishi does look nice though.

Sayai jin90d ago

The servers are Azure and there are arguably the some of best servers (cloud) in the world.

redrum0689d ago

Based on reviews, I would definitely go for the Backbone One instead of the Razer Kishi. The Backbone One is also displayed on the Xbox website.

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Vits90d ago

It probably does work. Genshin Impact for example support it.
Big issue with iOS is that to my knowledge you can't really force a game to support controllers like you can on Android. At least you couldn't unless it was a jailbreaked model.

rockwhynot90d ago

Wow. I really like how hard MS is trying this gen to make gamers happy 😇

x_xavier_x90d ago

Gamers will never be happy.

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VersusDMC90d ago

Just tried Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Halo and Katana zero on my laptop using a PS5 controller. Works great. A dollar got me gamepass till end of October. Was planning to get a Series X with some points at some point but i won't bother now...hopefully there won't be games that won't be on xcloud in the future.

Orchard90d ago

From one gamer to another, Welcome to Xbox 👋

VersusDMC90d ago

I had a original and 360. Borrwed a XOne for Rise of the Tomb raider and Scalebound had my interest...but we know how that ended up.

But i look forward to seeing if the Yakuza 7 random encounters will annoy me enough to not beat it after i finish the Nioh 2 DLC.

8bitRey90d ago

Was looking through comments to see if anyone used the DualSense for GamePass. Thanks for verifying, bruh. I'm hopping on GamePass this weekend. HYPE!

VersusDMC90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I had a wired red mario switch controller that i used first that didn't work and that made me concerned that i had to buy a xbox controller...but it worked out.

rockwhynot90d ago

Welcome Versus :) You might like Dead Rising 3 or Strike Suit Zero.

brewin89d ago

Dead Rising 3 does not get the respect it deserves. But is it on Gamepass?! Awesome game, I put some hours into that one! Surprised it never came to PS where DR4 did.

rockwhynot89d ago

@Brewin No DR3 nor Strike Suit are on gamepass. I just felt like mentioning a couple standout games playable on an Xbox since Versus is part of the fam now.

Highrevz90d ago

If you managed to play Katana Zero well then your connection must be sweet because timing is everything on that game. Hope you enjoyed it, one of my favourite Indie games.

Amplitude89d ago

And just like that, Microsoft created a streaming service that people are into so much that they don't buy hardware.

They did it I guess... god I hope this isn't the future

VersusDMC89d ago

For me they created a service I'm willing to pay a dollar for 3 months. And in the future i see myself buying a month here and there.

It seems like the immediate future for Microsoft. 10 years or more maybe for Playstation and even longer for Nintendo.

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-Hermit-90d ago

Just tried it on Chrome on my pc and.....oof, what a horrible experience. Audio skipping, picture was very poor quality with low bitrate and lag was pretty terrible. This was through an ethernet connection on a 70/20 internet connection. Unplayable in it's current state.

-Hermit-90d ago

UPDATE: This was testing Dragon Quest 11. I tested on 2 pc's, one through ethernet, one wifi, both were terrible. I then tested Streets of Rage 4, it was a bit better, but still had lag and stutters.

Honestly, my first impressions are far from good.

CYALTR89d ago

Those were the same kind of issues that I ran into streaming on an Iphone. Had a good solid WiFi connection, but very laggy. Only tried Wreckfest, but it was really hard to play. As MS has constantly said, this is still in Beta, it's not like they are charging for this yet (cough, cough, Stadia!!). They are slowly releasing it, developing it and working out the bugs. Even after all of that it will still greatly depend on connection and other factors, but I still strongly believe that this is the direction that things are going. Just going to take a little while to get there.

x_xavier_x90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I've played a handful of games on the Xbox Cloud service such as Doom, Batman Arkham Knight, Control MLB the Show and Forza 7. I didn't encounter any of these issues. The games all played with no perceptible lag. I didn't hear any audio skipping and the resolution/image quality was nearly identical to the console. I'm actually astounded at how well it works. The only problem I saw was that the game crashed back to the main menu screen once or twice, but that was weeks ago during the early beta period.

-Hermit-90d ago

This is the thing with streaming, everybody's experience will be different.

Orchard90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Might be worth checking your CPU usage when running it.

I’ve tried it over WiFi on less than 70/20 and over 4G with far less than 70/20 and not had any of the issues you’re describing.

-Hermit-89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Nothing to do with CPU usage, it's the same on both pc's. It's just a problem with game streaming right now, I'm not the only one with this issue, it's common amongst all game streaming services.

DJStotty90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

That's funny, my samsung galaxy S9 can handle the game over a Wi-fi connection better than your PC?

The issues your describing point more to some kind of throttling going on.

-Hermit-89d ago

Geforce Now runs a lot better, so nothing to do with throttling.

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Tedakin90d ago

How do you do it on Series X? Do you have to open the Edge browser and sign in and do it there?

Orchard90d ago

I don’t have a series X to confirm but I assume the new edge would work? Since it’s based on chromium.

Highrevz90d ago

It’s not officially out on console yet, there’s a way to get it running but it’s apparently very rough.

TheGreatGazoo3090d ago

They mean Xcloud is now powered by Series X hardware. Previously is was One X hardware running Xcloud games.