8 Most Spiteful Video Game Easter Eggs Ever

Whatever the intention behind a video game easter egg is, those intentions are usually pure: it could be a designer tipping the hat to one of their favourite childhood games, a sequel tease that only hardcore fans will catch, or a playful, harmless joke.

We don't usually think of these hidden nods as being cruel or mean-spirited, but every now and then... they are.

It's pretty rare, but sometimes we'll see easter eggs with intentions that are a bit more malicious - created to mock, insult, or chastise their chosen targets.

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DeadManMMX89d ago

No mention of the Driver mission in GTA3 or the Tommy Verminitti’s in Driver 3.

thorstein89d ago

There is only one easter egg they talk about: the Witcher 2 making fun of Assassin's Creed's leap of faith. Whatculture knows how to place all of their story on one or two pages. Making 8 one paragraph slides is pure clickbait.